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  1. ajw18

    Week 12 Thread (Learning to Fly)

    Kellen Mond is the NCAA Football 08 player model.
  2. ajw18

    Coaches' Hot Seat/ Carousel 2015-16

    Paul Blake ain't walking through that door.
  3. ajw18

    Bammer trying to kill UAB?

    NCAA rules aside, UAB had to have D1 football to stay in Conference USA for basketball. Thank God they changed that bylaw and scuttling football will enhance other programs and won't lead to Blazer athletics losing its conference affiliation. Wait....
  4. ajw18

    ESPN Bowl Pick Em $$$

    I'll donate
  5. ajw18

    Bammer trying to kill UAB?

    I agree completely. However, this situation is ostensibly all about properly allocating money inside the athletics program and not about returning the money budgeted for football back into any academic or research programs. I'm an alumnus that's lived around Birmingham my entire life but I...
  6. ajw18

    Bammer trying to kill UAB?

    How does this man continue as president of the university when half the students want his head?
  7. ajw18

    Warm Butts and Merry-Go-Rounds - Corches Hot Seat/ Coaching Carousel

    Apparently Bill Clark is available. Imagine what he could do at a school that actually wanted him to succeed. @JSU Zack
  8. ajw18

    Bammer trying to kill UAB?

    I had just changed my avatar before I clicked this thread. Oh, and fuck Ray Watts and Paul Bryant Jr.
  9. ajw18

    Bammer trying to kill UAB?

    Reports coming out that this shit is actually happening. I never really took it seriously. I knew that, despite how ridiculous the thought was, the threat was real. I just didn't actually believe the bastards would follow through with it. Roll Timed.
  10. ajw18

    2014 MLB Thread: No Noodles

    I agree that the Braves desperately need a proven starter but Wren's legacy contracts made him too expensive. The Braves didn't want him to accept what they offered. It was just to get the compensatory draft pick. Resigning Harang is more likely, though I'd be surprised if he didn't regress some.
  11. ajw18

    2018 Motor Racing thread

    LAN party?
  12. ajw18

    Beardown About...Rose Bowl #0

    So many great crowd shots in this flazzu-Louisville game.
  13. ajw18

    2014 MLB Thread: No Noodles

    Welp, John Hart takes the Braves GM job after all...sort of. I guess John Coppolella is GM in waiting.
  14. ajw18

    Brady Hoke is truly a shitty human being

    Might be playing to the wrong crowd with the Fluff E Bunnies...
  15. ajw18

    2014 MLB Thread: No Noodles