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Recent content by guardman23

  1. guardman23

    Week 14

    Flann confirmed cheater
  2. guardman23

    NML's NCAA 06 Dynasty

    This is cool but how are you not bored playing the CPU all the time lol
  3. guardman23

    Option Offense

    I know it will probably be considered over powered or cheese but I would like to see run pass options put into madden or a future NCAA game if it happens
  4. guardman23

    NCAA Defensive Discussion

    Pinch the d line then crash out re blitz the olbs an spread them?
  5. guardman23

    Week 13

    He will prolly pull off a kick 6 or something crazy lol
  6. guardman23

    Madden 17 same ole shit

    One can only hope for the end of run commit , better zone coverage where I can user the d line, better gap control against the run from line backers, under center run plays that work maybe add seasons to online ranked like FIFA, Gameplay reveal Thursday
  7. guardman23

    Week 13

    This happens about the same time @NavyHog retires HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Arkansas Judge Resigns After 1000s of Photos of Nude Male Defendants Found on His Computer An Arkansas judge accused of swapping sex for reduced sentences resigned Monday after a state commission said it...
  8. guardman23

    Let's talk about Bish, babby

    I figured you would do it lol
  9. guardman23

    Let's talk about Bish, babby

    Thea circ incoming to respond to OU
  10. guardman23

    Let's talk about Bish, babby

    Thought this was about unbanning @JCruise
  11. guardman23

    SEC Thread

    Bama LSU every year
  12. guardman23

    SEC Thread

    Two sec west teams in the championship would be better lol
  13. guardman23

    PS3 OD

    There are a few ps3 ones on Operation sports
  14. guardman23

    2018 Motor Racing thread

    Before 9/11 you could carry any zize cooler you wanted in to then they started making you take small the small ones lol at people that bought 3 for $20