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Southpaw Gon' Look Bowl Thread presented by Oklahoma Mike

One nice thing is, other than the Warios last summer, most championship series/finals have been down to the wire since '16 March Madness. Cavs in 7, Portugal at Euro 16, both World Series, the owl, past two CFPBCSFs. Has made for some intriguing viewing rather than watching blowouts.


The Akita on Utopia
In Mitakihara's playbook, this is called "Misterioso" and is a reason why the Magi had ran up the score in their dynasty every season, forcing opponents to catch up with spamming the same play...with mixed results and a shitload of pick sixes.
So. Hung. Over.

If Papanastos doesn’t suck so bad, or D holds UGA before the half, we continue getting our shit pushed in. I don’t think Saban pulls hurts if it’s 13-3 or 9-0. We had to be every bit as inept as possible to trigger the QB switch.

I hope all that ra ra Jesus shit was an act. Kid deserves a blowjob and I can’t listen to that after every game.

In the end, though, this Bowl season had to be pretty soul crushing for those API fuckers, and that’s what really matters.