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Playoffs and Bowels Thread

First time since I was a little kid there is no FSU bowel game I need to think about. Still have NDSU who won 52-10 in the 2nd round of the FCS playoffs.


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OU-Bama appears to be the only appetizing game. There are a number of match-ups that were close to being good, but either because of tie-ins, bad luck, or stupidity, did not materialize. I think OSU-Georgia would have been good. Maybe OSU-WSU. Michigan-LSU would have been interesting. As it is, however, all the games on the current slate suck.


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Should’ve been WSU - WVU. If Grier said he was playing, probably would’ve been.

Half chub just thinking about Dana vs Leach


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Houston, with a DL made up of third stringers and an interim DC, gets to face Army's power option attack in the Armed Forces Bowl. Won't that be fun?


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Clemson has 2 wins against currently ranked teams, who have a combined 7 losses on the season.

No team that has ever made the CFP (or the BCS title game) has ever had fewer on their schedule.



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That's fine. The ACC was really extraordinarily shit this year. You really want to argue for keeping them out of the playoff? In place of who?
Schedules of these teams are rarely something to be in awe. Bamas best regular season win last year was vs 8-4 MSU. They played Auburn and were beat handily. Their schedule is a little better this year. But not like it has been crazy neither. Before the UGA game LSU was their toughest test. They passed it handily. But it isn't like they are lining up top 10 teams every week to play. Most teams with a legit tough schedule lost 2 or more games this year. The top 10 in toughest schedules is littered with teams that lost 3-9 games this year.

For most of the year Bama had a SoS in the mid 50s, just like last year. It is now mid 40s. And to be fair, the 2013 FSU team that steamrolled their schedule did so on the back of the 67th toughest schedule. I think the key is to have a lot of talent and an avg schedule(50 to 70). Steamroll your avg schedule for the eye test.
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PSU has three more losses than ranked wins and is supposedly a fringe top 10 team

Ban them for being in front of MINSHEW


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the locals are going crazy over the bayou bangals going to the Fiesta

if im UCF, im pissed im playing LSU