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Feel the treachery in the frosty air? The Winter Meetings in THE DYSON SPHERE, NORTH DAKOTA!!!!


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Why is the file so large already? Yall keeping all the reports from each year now or something? 54mb in April?


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SSS this season, but its amazing how this team has gone the past 3 seasons. In 2069, my hitting was really good but my pitching was shit. In 2070 my pitching was realllly good but my hitting was pretty terrible. Now in 2071 through the first month, my hitting is really good again and my pitching has been pretty shit again. Pretty hilarious


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Kabul - 17-8
Moscow - 16-9
Vegas - 15-10
Cairo - 11-13
Buffalo - 11-14
Little Rock - 11-14
Istanbul - 9-16
Miami - 6-18


Lisbon - 17-6
NDR - 15-8
Hels - 14-10
Dublin - 13-12
False Bay - 13-12
Seoul - 12-13
UK - 8-16
Amsterdam - 8-16