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Week 9 Thread - Met a witch. Her name was Rhiannon


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Last weekend of October is upon us. Tamale season is almost/engaged. Halloween is strictly an adult holiday now. Poor youths. We ruined it for them. Gameday for the first time since my senior year in High school is headed to Jacksonville for the World's Largest Cocktail Party. I'll still call it that, dammit.

Notable games:
#3 Clemson at Florida State (9:00 AM, ABC)
#11 Florida vs #8 Georgia (12:30, CBS)
#19 Iowa at #18 Penn State (12:30, ESPN)
#25 Washington State at Stanford (4:00, FS1)
#3 Notre Dame vs Navy (5:00, CBS)

Have a good week, bros. Cheers.



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Utah vs. 2-5 UCLA for the lead in the South lol. Larry Scott killing it.

I haven't watched Utah at all, but I gotta assume they'll win so they can blow the division in November


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...dude should immediately be fired but are you trying to compared (assumedly) consensual sex to domestic abuse? Yikes fam
Where did I compare anything? I thought the story was hilarious.

Deadmong gets faux outraged at anything a rival does.

Oh FYI. Charges were dropped yesterday. Weird.


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Those years when Baylor was in the top 5 were so weird man.

Anywho, Bart Scott for @TonyGin&Juice on tonight’s prime time showing from the CHOKIES

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Sadly I only watched a few minutes before I remembered we are always GT’s bitch and turned on “Hoarders”. @Rutgers Mike tells me that honky QB from Kansas didn’t look that bad. Too bad that guy isn’t a LB or DB, might have kept it somewhat close.