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Week 2 Thread - Road to Nowhere: (VH1 Classic Edition)


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Tame schedule as usual for week 2. Gameday in College Station. No Thursday game worth a shit as CFB bends over backwards for opening night of THE SHIELD.

Games of note.

#18 Miss State at Kansas State
#3 Georgia at South Carolina
Colorado at Nebraska
Iowa State at Iowa
#2 Clemson at Texas A&M (Gameday)
#15 USC at #13 Stanford
#10 Penn State at Pitt

Loading up on OJ and champagne for UCLA/OU. But I hear GUS AND KLATT are on the call. @bruin228 @Yankee151

Will probably pop a semi when I see CU and Nebraska's helmets on the field at the same time. Been a while, ya know?

Salud, bros.



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Saw a surprising amount of these dumb ass games last weekend because had the TV on all day while cleaning and shit, won't even be home on Saturday this weekend. :smoking:

Mr. Radpants

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Can you imagine how much better the internet would be if just one of these trifling lc gif creators focused their energy on Draft Day instead?


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NORMA got some test results back from the vet this week and she apparently may be having a flare up of some sort of "Tick Disease" that is likely a remnant from her days being neglected by some Oklahoma Troglodyte who probably played tackle football in 2nd grade @Soonerfan09. She's had flea/tick prevention since I adopted her and I check her for ticks daily, since we often walk in long grass. The good news is that she's asymptomatic and the only reason we caught this was because of a blood test for her 6 month post-adoption wellness check. We're getting some more tests to get a better idea of what specifically she has and what treatments need to be considered, but given her young age she should be able to deal with this without major issue.

I've changed her injury status to "DTD - Tick Fever 2-4 weeks." I know @Mr. Radpants hates these lingering PvE "DTD" injuries, but the bottom-line is NORMA is still available to play, but might not be at 100% of her normal Yankee slaying capacity for a while. Hopefully this is a benevolent sim and we don't suffer any setbacks!