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Turkish Delight -- The Istanbul Ottomans Story


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
WELCOME @chibob ! Please use Yankee's fan fiction thread to ask all questions moving forward.

I have sent you a BTT_CALC spreadsheet and done a Youtube Vidya analysis with recommendations for your 25 man roster and spring training cross training talk. Here's a screencap of the spreadsheet with ur "Games Started" distributed based on your current roster (140 games = starter 22 games = backup). Your 1B/DH options are so poor compared to what is on the open market right now that I left them as "replacement level." You also have a prospect that's probably too young for the WBL slated to be ur backup SS as of right now, so you may want to drop him back to AA or AAA and get a new utility SS.

1. Sign an additional starting pitcher. You only have a few starting options right now and one of them is injured for most of the season.
2. Sign a 1B
3. Sign a DH
4. Send Dominic Jenkins to AA and let his bat and defensive skills develop a bit more, then sign or trade for another utility IF.
5. Signing another Utility IF would allow you to move Steve Provost to a starter at 3B
6. Use Spring Training to improve the flexibility of your current roster through cross training other positions (see notes on spreadsheet)