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Turkish Delight -- The Istanbul Ottomans Story


TWINK Stadium
Istanbul Ottomans Baseball Klub

"Bottom of the 9th here in Istanbul's Fatih Halic Stadium, Game 7 of the WBL Shampionship Series. The North League Champion Ottomans are still searching for their first WBL title since the merger, after falling short on home soil last year to Australia. The stadium is silent in awe as the Ottomans could be watching yet another title slip away from their grasp.

The big German, Benjamin Pakula, stands on the mound menacingly. He's saved 92% of his games this year, while the Australian 1B, Phil Thomas stands at the plate, with 2B Zounes Mutahi and CF Roger Kelley on 2nd and 3rd. False Bay lead by one here, with two outs. We can sense the nerves eminating from that Istanbul dugout right now, not the least of which coming from manager Yankee Cane. Here comes the pitch from Pakula. Fastball, and that's strike one. Crowd becoming very anxious. Second pitch coming, it's a slider, but away for a ball. Third pitch in, another slider, this time it's hit well! Going back deep, deep, oh no, it's just past the foul post! That looked to be a game winning home-run, and you can almost feel the heartbreak amongst the Istanbul supporters, to say nothing of Thomas himself.

Pitch four coming in, a fastball that Thomas takes for a ball. 2-2 here now. Pakula winds back, a slider comes in, whips past Thomas who swings and MISSES! False Bay are World Shampions and more heartbreak for Istanbul a second year in a row!"

""Damn it Thomas." I thought yet again. Bringing him back in a trade brought back these memories. It's why I resigned from coaching. The press conference, the pressure from the fans, it was too much to handle. I knew it was a sinking ship, this club. You can only maintain success for so long if you don't build it right, is what I always said. Turns out I was correct. Heck, I'm still not 100% sure why I took this job again, but Mrs. Computarius made me an offer I couldn't refuse. The other manager wasn't working out and I took advantage of that.

Expectations are always high here. What happened in 2033 and 34 were nearly seen as national tragedies. Ask anyone 20 years prior if Baseball would ever be that big here in Turkey, let alone around the world, and they would call you crazy. Now I'm stuck in a coaching job that has the fans calling for my head. Guess it's a good thing I'm persuasive enough to inform them of my long term plan. I don't know how long exactly I have. The North League is a lot tougher than it was 7 years ago. We would probably already be competitive in the South.

But with the right drafting, spending, and managing, perhaps I will be able to finally exorcise the demons of World Shampionships past."

(This story-based dynasty/report inspired by and dedicated to dawg_gone, may he one day come back to the WBL and do 5x a better job than I am)


TWINK Stadium
The Shone Trade

""Call from the commish, Cane. He's got an offer for you." McKinney's voice nearly woke me from my slumber. Drank a bit too much the night prior. WBL Network were showing a "Top 10 Greatest World Shampionship performances" feature. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoyed watching the WS title run from ol' Karl's Glow. But that was never the Top play, no. Always the Abdul-Hadi grand slam in the bottom of the 8th to send the 2034 series to Game 7. 'Iconic', they say. I had the best pitcher in the WBL, Daniel Caine, and left him in an inning too much. League Shampionship rings don't really mean much in the grand scheme of things, and yet my wife insisted on putting them up on display. It's like she was taunting me with them.

"We finally found a bidder for Shone, Cane. It's the commish. He wants to offers us a trio of guys. You're familiar with one." Allen continued. He had been my loyal assistant coach after resigning from the Raleigh Stealth's scout job. Wonder how the UBL is doing these days, now that I think about it. Allen and I worked together for a good 15 years, with triumph in the Mediterranean Premier Baseball League (Which also included Cairo, our current A team Ankara, and some minor Spanish and Portuguese teams that couldn't quite make the jump to the WBL. Heard the league is still going too.

"Well who is he offering?" I asked. I was willing to give up Shone. He was hitting well, and it wasn't our year to start thinking about a winning record. If we could get pieces back, I was all for it. "Two AAA lifers, Na'il bin Kadin and Joel Millen from Belgium. bin Kadin can start the rest of this year and spell Rojas the following year, while Millen should be a good rotation piece that could be moved to the pen once our prospects are up." This sounded quite nice. Shone was a good hitter, no doubt, but he wasn't a world beater. "What about the 3rd guy?" The phone went silent for a minute. "Well, Yank.... It's, uh." "Spit it out McKin, I don't have all day." "It's Phil Thomas."

I started seeing red. I didn't blame him indiviudally for the defeat, but naturally he was the scapegoat. How could I bring him here? "And OU also wants our 4th round pick." "Give me some time to mull it over then. Thomas is a good player, but I don't know if I'm ready to bring him back."

I suppose I was ready, because a couple of days later, bin Kadin, Millen, and Thomas were getting outfitted for their new uniforms. I tried to avoid Thomas as much as possible, because those wounds ran pretty deep. Millen putting in a good start and looking a good piece for 2042 allayed a lot of the bitter feeling that was constantly rising out of my stomach.

Amsterdam Gets:
RF Trevor Shone
2042 4th Round Pick (Conditional)

Istanbul Gets:
C Na'il Bin Kadin
SP Joel Millen
RF Phil Thomas

(How lucky was I to get Thomas and he ended up being on that 2034 shampionship team? Immersion past 1000%)


TWINK Stadium
Top 10 Prospects

"Boss, Top 10 list is complete, finally. You have no idea how hard it is to find our stadium in Santiago. I mean first there's about 20 different Santiagos in South America, and then the freeway..." Fanga started drifting off. I grabbed the sheet from him before he went completely off topic. "Thanks Kidanu. You've done good." Fanga was our scout, from South Africa. Big intimidating type, but with a heart of gold, and a mouth that didn't stop once it got going. I could trust him, though, and that's what mattered. Now to see what he came up with.

Format: Position, Name, Age, Level, OSA Rank (League/Team), Nationality

1. C Francisco Rojas 21yo AAA #50/#5 Venezuela
A switch hitter from Caracas, Rojas rose quickly up the system after being promoted from the International Complex, and has shown his ability on both sides of the plate. Oscar Pottenger type ceiling with 52 HRs in the past two AAA seasons. Should be up very very soon.

2. 1B Jay Brittain 22yo AAA #20/#2 St. Kitts and Nevis
A power hitter acquired in a draft day trade with Dublin, Brittain has bloosomed in the Istanbul system, and along with Orlando Aguilar and Francisco Rojas could potentially form one of the most dangerous 3-4-5 combos in the WBL. Big question is lackluster defense at 1st.

3. RHSP Rex Rowe 24yo AAA #28/#4 Australia
This hurler from Sydney was drafted with the 7th pick out of Sydeny, and has risen up the system calmly. He features two plus pitches, including a fastball that goes up to 99, and is great at getting groundballs. Consistently goes 8 innings due to his workhorse stamina. Suffers a bit from a jack of all trades situation that keeps him from being a true ace prospect.

4. CF Cris Carrillo 20yo A #25/#3 Puerto Rico
Acquired in an international class, Carrillo has spent two years at A and looks set for a AA callup soon. Has the defense and speed to stay at CF long term, though his bat is worth watching as well. If he can reach his potential, he'll be an invaluable asset. Has a good head on his shoulders which can only help.

5. LHSP Sasha 'Scotty' Nazvanov 22yo AA #18/#1 Russia
OSA's #1 prospect, Nazvanov was a first rounder with a huge question mark: His stamina. Improving it has been the main focus of his time in the Istanbul system, and he has always displayed a good 3-pitch mix with a knack for getting ground balls. If he stays as a SP, and can improve his stamina, he deserves to be up there with Rex Rowe. But that is indeed a big if. He will stay in Santiago this year with eyes on a move to Casablanca for 2042. Could always end up a solid but not dominant late-game reliver.

6. RHSP Zach 'Last Resort' Campbell 19yo A NR/NR United States
The #1 overall this past year, Campbell has performed well in limited action in A-ball this year. Has a decent 3-pitch mix, but his attitude is a serious concern and coaches have been unable to get to his head at this point. Serious danger of being a flop, but if he does hit his sky high potential he will compete for Pat Morrison awards.

7. RHSP Hector Duarte 19yo A #121/#8 Dominican Republic
A $20million dollar bonus was his reward in a scarce international class for pitchers. Duarte came up to A ball this year and has pitched well, though he is now currently out with inflammation. The 19 year old could be a dangerous #2 guy in the future, though injury concerns and a weak third pitch are worrying signs and prevent him from being higher on this list.

8. RHSP Ricard Evensson 21yo AA #103/#7 Sweden
Evensson was the 2nd rounder in 2040, the draft with famed flop Faruk Koprolu. Evensseon was very much not a flop, and is currently tempting the Istanbul higher-ups into a AAA callup as he has been very strong and moving quickly so far in his two years of pro baseball. Reminds me of a poor man's Rex Rowe, which even still could be a very solid 3 or 4 guy.

9. RF Donncha Haward 23yo AAA #NR/#20 Ireland
Unranked by OSA, Haward has a rocket arm in right field and has hit well in every level he's been in. Should fight (and most likely win) a starting job next year. Baltsar Dahlberg seems a very fair comp for him.

10. C Nourreddine Imarika 23yo A #NR/#NR South Africa
A rocket arm behind the plate with a rocket bat to boot, Imarika was acquired with Key West's 1st round pick in 2041, and has done nothing but impress in Single A this year. The fact that he is older, and not as good, as Francisco Rojas leads to serious questions as to what exactly his future is in this team.


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
With tax Duraunte was actually $36.6 million but who's counting?

How do you find rank by country with the prospects too? That looks intersting.

Also congrats. You get a blue blanket.


TWINK Stadium
Go to your Front Office -> Player Development screen, that drop off on the side shows your Top 20 guys (minus this year's draft picks ofc) and I think it goes up to #200. Easier than shifting through the Top 100 list and with 100 more guys to boot.


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Oh I misread your post. I thought you were saying for instance Rojas is the #5 prospect in his country


TWINK Stadium
Probably will analyze the two trades I had the other day in full detail later, but just wanted to point out that Evensson has made the transition to AAA had started out well with two good starts. I mean it's a 5.01 ERA, but that's actually good for the league. Can't believe the contrast between him and Faruk, it's mind bottling. If he keeps this up he could be up by the second half of next year which would be a big boost to a rotation that looks to be very very weak even adding Gomez and Rowe.


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Utopia Moderator
You just need one FA starter and you will have a solid rotation. You could probably even give Fang a spring audition. I'm actually excited to see how your team does. You got a lot of talent ready for the WBL. Yankee trying to compete will be a while new experience.


TWINK Stadium
2042 Opening Day Roster:

RHSP Li-Zhi 'Punchy' Wong, Canada
RHSP Rex Rowe, Straya
RHSP Daniel 'Banjo' Caine, America
RHSP Tom 'Ugly' Zhong, Straya
RHSP Joel Millen, St. Kitts and Nevis

My 5 for now. I think the top 3 have the chance to perform very well, while the bottom two slots could be a revolving door, but the bullpen and Casablanca will have enough guys to keep Ugly and Millen honest and competitive.


RHCL Eugene Burns, America
RHSU Armine Duchesne, Belgium
RHSU Luis Sandoval, Dominican
RHMR/LR Rafa Gomez, Dominican
RHMR Nicolas Brun, Canada
RHMR Bong-Hwan Kim, South Korea
LOOGY Tolentino Camara, Brazil

Burns wins the closer's job for time being, after spending last year in Singapore. He could be bumped quickly. Duchesne was a starter last year and a good one, but he has always been a reliever at heart and his stuff could play up. Same deal for Luis Sandoval, who took some licks with high BABIP last year in the rotation but may be protected a bit more in the pen. Gomez is an interesting piece. He had a chance to win the starting jerb in ST but couldn't but he's kept on the staff regardless. His 95-97 Fastball with a nasty curve will definitely play up in the pen, and despite an above average forkball it's really always been this two pitch offering for the kid. Can spot-start as needed in games as well. Brun had a poor spring training coming over from Sweden, though Istanbul believes he still has it, and he's on a cheap 1-year deal with upside. Bong was the closer last year, and he grabbed 11 saves, but never really impressed. He is the only holdover from last year's pen. Camara will be the Loogy, and he has a knack for ground balls which will test both lefty hitters and the defense of the middle infield.

2B Carl Aguirre, America
DH Orlando Aguilar, Dominican
3B Hersek Ertegun, Turkey
C Francisco Rojas, Venezuela
1B Jay Brittain, St. Kitts and Nevis
RF Donncha Haward, Ireland (vs. LHP) or Hamdan bin Azzam (vs. RHP), Iran
LF Baltsar Dahlberg, Sweden
CF Celik Inan, Turkey
SS Mario Duarte, Dominincan

Aguirre leads off, as he provides speed from the top of the order. Aguilar returns from a two week injury on 4 weeks of rest, and will look to improve on last year. Teggy is the Turkish hero, and he mashed in ST and will look to make the 3 hole his. Rojas is a prodigy in both aspects, and runners will need to watch out when trying to steal on him. Brittain should mash in the 5 hole. Haward and bin Azzam will platoon for the moment until one of them proves otherwise. Dahlberg returns after a career year, and his switch hitting as well as defensive prowess in left should be a boon in the 7 hole. Inan is a classic no-bat Center-Fielder, but man is he a good CF. He posted a 0.9 WAR last year, despite hitting for a 45 OPS+. He will still hit very poorly, which is why he is being shielded in the 8 hole, but he is a legit gold glove candidate and will track down many balls in the spacious park in Istanbul. Finally, last year's leadoff man, Mario Duarte, drops to 9 to become a second leadoff. He showed good defense and suprisingly strong offense last season, and if he keeps it up he could keep moving up the batting order.

C Na'il bin Kadin, Iran
2B/3B Hector Rivera, Venezuela
3B Steve Hahn, America

The team lacks a second Centerfielder and a second short stop, but Kadin can fill in decently for Rojas on rest days, and Rivera can slot in wherever and hit strongly. Steve Hahn is a question mark after being diagnosed with MS, but he is still very young and was brought in cheaply.


TWINK Stadium
Good first week. Rotation did great, Millen was the only sore spot but he knows he can get dropped in a flash so he'll pick it up. Rojas and Teggy slow to start, Inan hitting like a different player. It won't happen, but if he actually hit at this rate he'd easily be the best CF in the league overall. Duarte and Haward are slow but Amdan is picking up the latter's slack. Also dat Rowe ERA antoniobanderascomputer.gif Burns will be dropped for closer for now in favor of Duchesne, but honestly bullpens in general are so hit or miss especially without in-game coaching that it's more out of sight out of mind for me.

Looking good in the minors too. Last Resort got named the #2 prospect, and he and Duarte's little brother did well in their AA starts. Evensson and Jabiri started well in AAA and they'll be eyeing Millen's spot. Felizardo still balling out, could be a surprise guy.

Overall, not bad. Our goal is .500 and we're on target.


TWINK Stadium
There was so much schaudenfreude when I saw that. The plan is still intact to keep him and let him rake for two years and then OU will trade me Trucker so I can have 5 aces.


Utopia Moderator
Best CF in the league after week 1 was sally

Also the gap between brittain and ruiz isnt enough to give away trucker. So brittain gon stay in turkey


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How do you guys handle your International prospects? At the moment, I'm waiting until they turn 18 before bringing them up to A ball. Do you base it on ratings...IE: If a guy's ratings look like hes ready to move up? J/W cuz i've got a couple 17 year olds that I'd like to bring up, but I'm wondering if that would be a good idea


TWINK Stadium
Honestly, the easiest way is to just go prospect-by-prospect, I realize that isn't very helpful advice. I try and factor in a bunch of stuff, age (over 18 and they are almost always in A ball if they are a legit prospect, if they're a one star guy then I might keep them longer to see if they develop more), intangibles (WE/INT), current rating (if they have one star and it's not obviously because of fielding I'll call them up), if I have space for them on my A team (no space = stay down usually), and some other things like how long I'd like for them to stay in the system. Sometimes I just call them up on a whim and it works out. Just experiment, you can't necessarily screw it up by calling him too early or late as long as the kid isn't 16 and playing A ball or 20 and getting his first at bat, etc.

For the fringe guys with one star potential I usually leave them in the complex unless I need a position at A ball, and hope to catch lightning.


Utopia Moderator
How do you guys handle your International prospects? At the moment, I'm waiting until they turn 18 before bringing them up to A ball. Do you base it on ratings...IE: If a guy's ratings look like hes ready to move up? J/W cuz i've got a couple 17 year olds that I'd like to bring up, but I'm wondering if that would be a good idea
If they have comparable ratings I bring them up. It helps them move along faster in my experience (look at Torres/Okada/Sauce/OtherOF). If they are super legit, bringing them up when they can hit/pitch at the A level without getting smoked will help them a ton.


Utopia Moderator
I have a few 17 year olds I want to bring up but I just don't think they're quite ready yet. Might just do it anyway so I have more players to watch


TWINK Stadium
Wong Trade/Opening Day

March 25th, 2043

Fanga came bursting in the room with a fervor. "Wong needs to go, Cane." The South African's voice boomed and I nearly lost hearing in my right ear.
"And why might that be?"
"Contract year. May be last chance to squeeze value. Do you even have a plan for this organization?" he quipped back. Not today, Fanga.
"Just because you are upset that you don't get to take scouting vacations any more, doesn't mean you take it out on me." He looked frustrated, but resigned to his fate.
"Fine. But Wong should go. I'm already talking to the fellas in Las Vegas."
"What you do on your own time, with YOUR OWN MONEY, in Vegas is not my concern. Do we have someone who will buy Wong or not?" I could really see Fanga getting hot under the collar now. He sighed and started rubbing his temples.
"Loudmouth, Velasquez, Flores. That sound good? A replacement for Wong in case you decide to pull your head out of your arse, A WBL ready starter in the Evensson vein, and a lotto ticket for Ankara." He waited for my response, burning a hole through my face with his menacing stare.
"Yea yea, sure. That Mr. Doh is good people. Gives us options now and later. Write it up.

That would be the last I would see of Fanga. Perhaps his contract ran out and Marz forgot to pay him an extension. Perhaps he was just angry at me cutting his budget so fiercely. But whatever it was, I was on my own in terms of scouting. No matter. It's like Uncle Tank used to say: The best knowledge is public knowledge. I tended to agree.

Anyhow, onto Opening Day cuts. No real hard decisions, which is a bad sign. We're just kind of drifting along, trying our hardest not to bestow another Top 3 pick that we've already given away. I had taken to the bottle more and more. And the Hookah. Istanbul was a bad influence on me. The arrival of my Uncle's old friend and former UBL manager Wendell Gee helped lighten my mood a bit. If there was anyone I could learn from, it'd be him. Perhaps a visit to Moscow will be in order. For now though, my focus is on hosting Dublin in our upgraded park. Maybe moving the fences in will get some of these idiots hitting for once in their lives.

1. SS Carl Aguirre
2. RF Tin-Jin Tsao
3. 2B Jesus Bernal
4. 1B Orlando Aguilar
5. C Gabe Vis
6. LF Kevin 'Lips' Lipinski
7. 3B Hersek Ertegun
8. DH Hamdan bin Azzam
9. CF Celik Inan

RF Donncha Haward
C Nail Bin Kadin
SS Kuemon Kiyomizu

1. RHP Rex Rowe
2. RHP Ricard Evensson
3. RHP Tom Zhong
4. RHP Conrado Ragalla
5. RHP Loudmouth Hernandez

CL RHP Armine Duchesne
SU RHP Luis Sandoval
SU RHP Rafael Gomez
SU RHP Clement Pierron
MR RHP Nicolas Brun
MR RHP Seriozhenka Elisman
MR RHP Alberto Contreras
LR RHP Bong-Hwan Kim


TWINK Stadium
I really dont know what happened to my scout though. I realized he just didn't exist anymore halfway through writing. Wonder if it's because my budget is $1m now or if he just ran out of contract and I didn't notice.


TWINK Stadium
Road to the WBL -- Mediterranean Premier Baseball League

The WBL didn't pop out of thin air. It was years of work, establishing the sport across the world. Some Leagues were carefully crafted, with teams placed in just the right spot, while others were haphazardly made and didn't take into account regional issues. Most current WBL teams stem from these leagues in their past. But no league was more Tumultuous and terrible aestheticized than the Mediterranean Premier Baseball League, or MPB. It spawned two WBL teams and two more minors teams, though sadly Baseball in Iberia, France, and Italy failed to take off in terms of major league teams. More will be touched on later, but for now, here is the league on the day of it's inaugural draft. An experienced, battle hardened manager, Frank "Tank" E. Cane, coming from the Raleigh Stealth of the Utopia Baseball league following his 2021 championship (Before the league's rapid expansion then folding in 2023), embarked on a new journey on the streets of Istanbul.

*If Figs doesn't want part of this then I can change Cairo's name to be more historically accurate


Utopia Moderator
I'll put your scout back in

Btw if i knew you were trading wong for spare parts I'd have bought him back


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We need a Trading Block thread. I believe thats what the trade talk thread is supposed to be...however too much conversation takes place. A thread where the only thing you post is either what you need or what you're selling. No conversation about it. Just one post.


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Yeah, but the problem with the trade thread is that there are so many people in there talking about past trades and making jokes that people posting actual stuff they want to trade gets lost.


Utopia Moderator
Yeah, but the problem with the trade thread is that there are so many people in there talking about past trades and making jokes that people posting actual stuff they want to trade gets lost.
That will happen with any trade thread. If you want what you're talking about make an auction thread for a player. I'll delete the thread after the player is traded or the owner decides he is off the market.


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Utopia Moderator
I think one auction thread would be fine. I can keep the first post updated with who is being auctioned and the bids.


TWINK Stadium
That works. Gonna spawn an Allen McKinney Jr. for one of the predecessor leagues and set him to 199 in all injury categories and see how long it takes him to retire.


TWINK Stadium
RE13PECT Part 1
March 10th, 2045, Old Madrid Chaos Stadium, Madrid, Spain

We're here live at Istanbul's Spring Training complex in Madrid. In these hallowed grounds, the old 2028 MPB Championship was played, ending in an Istanbul victory*. In the Istanbul Ottomans organization, we're proud of our long, storied history across two leagues with multiple championships at the divisional, conference, and league level. That is why we are proud to announced this year's event: Re13pect, honoring the career of one of Istanbul's greatest players ever produced, Starting Pitcher Cesar Marrero(http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com/game/lgreports//players/player_7122.html).

Cesar came up through the Istanbul farm system 18 years ago from Havana, in the year 2026. Just 3 years later, he made his pro debut at age 21, immediately starting out with a bang in the dying years of the MPB. In his first season he pitched to a 110 ERA+, and he has maintained an ERA+ over 100 in 13 of the next 14 years he would play across two leagues. Marrero had one of the most dominant single season performances in club and perhaps league history in the inaugral season; 169 ERA+ with a mind bottling 0.97 WHIP, en route to leading Istanbul to the all-former MPB title game against fierce rivals Cairo, in an unfortunate loss.

Cesar led Istanbul to another championship game in 2034, where he again came up short in his elusive search for the title. In total Marrero has participated in 9 playoff seasons, but has yet to win the title that just nearly escaped him in the early 2030s. Now, he has decided to give it one last go with a young and hungry Istanbul side, in order to try and redeem himself, and his boyhood club.

Cesar spent 8 years with the Moscow Mules, his second most tenured team, and one with False Bay, after leaving Istanbul on a free agency deal. We hope to interview the Istanbul legend on his return, and we'll see him in action here in Madrid and across the WBL spring training complexes. You can grab your "Re13pect" T-shirts, signed by Marrero himself, at the team store or at retailers across the globe. In an act of charity, Marrero requested that 50% of profits go to a charity of his choosing.

Remember to Re13pect, and let's have a good season!


In other news, lefty reliver Munemori Takahashi has just arrived in the complex following a trade with Buffalo for a 2046 3rd round draft pick. Taka has been a nightmare for Lefty hitters, throwing up a 151 ERA+ against them last year, and he will look to step into the pen immediately, as they are in sore need of a dominant lefty.


Larry Bernandez
Rebpect? Relepect? It's been 13 years since Istanbul was in the playoffs? Not understanding the attempt to add 13 (Cesar's uni number) to respect.:dunno: