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The Boxing Thread


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When will Canola fight this fucker again!?
Canelo supposedly deeply hates GGG and doesn't want to give him another payday. DAZN signed these guys for the third fight*

This is for the vacated IBF title which they originally stripped GGG and awarded Canelo, then came back full circle and is having Golovkin fight for it again after stripping Canelo.



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Is that a quick turnaround for kovalev? I thought he fought like a month ago?
no question, especially nowadays.

but, he stays in shape. Won't have to go through nearly as big of a camp trying to get back in shape. Kovalev is 36. Less is more.

Mega Fight.

War Kovalev


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miracle Errol Spence survived this.

looks like they've said just a few lacerations to his face and some broken teeth.



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I think it was pay per view instead of on HBO where most of Tyson's fights were. I remember ESPN cutting in with stills of Tyson on the canvas because they weren't allowed to show highlights


anyone have stories on where they were for Tyson-Douglas?
It was in Tokyo, so I was in bed asleep when it occurred.

What i do remember was that the LA Times, before the fight, basically had little to say about the fight, as it was thought that Tyson would easily defeat Douglas, who was a 29-to-1 underdog. I religiously read the LA Times Sports section back then, and figured Douglas would be just another speed bump in the path of the Tyson steamroller.

So imagine my surprise the next day when, in huge font on the Sports section it read "Tyson Era Goes Buster" with a picture of Douglas completing the follow-through of a right hook, while Tyson was at a 45-degree angle from upright, on his way to the canvas.

I think it wasn't until later that day (IIRC, it was a school day, so I didn't have time to wait and watch sports highlights on the TeeVee that morning) that I saw a replay of what was one of the most spectacular knockouts I've ever seen in boxing.

Edit: Looked it up, and Feb 11, 1990 was a Sunday. So, while I didn't have to go to school, I did have to go to Church, which is why I remembered having to wait several hours before I could satisfy my need to see what had actually occurred.