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Rutgers MikeLeachFU.gif talks Rutgers


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If your idea of fun is watching trains collide, feast your eyes upon Rutgers-Kansas (34) on Saturday. The Scarlet Knights (1-2) are a complete mess – their coach and best player are suspended, they dismissed six players from the team earlier this month, and they’re coming off consecutive losses. And yet they’re favored by two touchdowns over the inept Jayhawks. Wow.

Kansas couldn’t win at home against South Dakota State or Memphis, so now it takes its rickety show on the road – a place where the Jayhawks have lost 30 consecutive times. David Beaty, the fifth Kansas coach since 2009 (if you include 2014 interim Cliff Bowen) walked straight into quicksand taking this job. The only humane thing the school can do is give him a minimum of five years to dig out, because Year 1 stands a solid chance of ending 0-12.

Dash pick: Rutgers 2, Kansas 0.
Pat Forde is a tool.

Rutgers should win this one, but the ship has sprung a leak. Personally I wanted Flood fired 2 years ago, but thought he did a nice job last year getting 8 wins. This year the off the field nonsense has become too much, and that was a big reason I wanted him gone 2 years ago.

When Rutgers joined the Big Ten, in theory a good coach would have capitalized on that and seen an uptick in their recruiting, but not Kyle Flood.


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Rutgers was ... talking trash at halftime, down 19? http://michigan.247sports.com/Bolt/Rutgers-Smack-Talk-Sparks-Second-Half--40892763

Despite being down by 19 points heading into the locker room at halftime, a swarm of Rutgers players decided to use it as a reason to talk smack to Wolverines' players heading into the tunnel and it fired up not only the players, but head coach Jim Harbaugh as well.

"Coach was kind of mad because those guys were excited being down 19 at half and they were celebrating," cornerback Jourdan Lewis said. "He wanted to put points up on the board and make sure we established our dominance over them. They were celebrating and coach was pretty mad about that. I can't really repeat what he said at halftime (laughs), but it was a lot. He wanted to bring that fire back in the second half and finish them off."
What the fuck?
No clue, but this is the environment Flood has engendered. F him. And this guy isn't going to get fired because the President of the university is penny wise, pound foolish. Fuck both of those motherfuckers.