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Raising the Dead


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There is always someone. I remember getting chirped at for simming late or the next morning or whatever and people demanding consistency. The league has been going on for what feels like 6-8 years. Life changes happen and expecting the sim at 8PM now it’s ridiculous.


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
I’m mad that on one of the more important sims in each season (2nd-4th in FA is when 80pct of the players sign) and you choose to advance with 4 or 5 exports. This was planned from November to have enough budget to go after Berlin pitching trio and all time and energy that went into this goes right out the cotdamn window.
Not knowing if it’s a mroing, lunch or an evening sim has gone on long enough. 6 months in on this again and nothing changes except the unexpected.
Oh, and heaven forbid we wait on you at a fucking minor league game!!
Wait... @fignuts quit in a rage of whining like a 12-year old? WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS HAPPENING?

Also-- aren't you the guy who signed guys a sim EARLY last season? Now you've been prepping 6 months for the exact moment of FA?
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