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Raising the Dead


Larry Bernandez

Took over the club at the start of the 2038 season. A veteran team with not much going on in the minors. All of the pitchers were signed to 10-15M per year contracts through 2043? if memory serves by the AI. Budget at the time was 3rd in the league 130 up to 136M. Now 2nd from bottom, but returning huge profits.
Was smooth sailing (did trade for Ahern to the Tulips for Ammar; whom is now mashing in his own right and probably set the tone for his charge up the NL standings) with a 3-headed monster of Silky, Brain and Ekstrom in his prime.

Only team to win Back-to-Back-to-Back WS.

After trading the arms over to the NL, no SL team has won the title. Key West has made a push. @Gooksta initially wanted Silky. But @Orlando came with an offer I had to consider. The closer was 'Pasta' Fahd. A FA signing 1.5 yrs prior in the hopes of combining with another player into replenishing the farm. OF Lieh Chen (injured this year; hopeful recovery from a posterior crucial ligament tear), 3 pitch Righty Paul Chesters (possible number 2; looking like an elite 3), Ragnar Enquist was a throw in for salary and 'Crash' (a pitcher with 2 avg and 2 abv pitches) and a 3rd rd pick in 2041 (turned into a possible back-end starter). I wanted OF Didier Mouton instead of Crash and a 3rd, but Lando wouldn't budge.

That same day in 2040, @OU11 came with a package that was hard to match of Lefty 6 pitch specialist Wu Li (reading through the 2040 thread I thought a 3-4; turning into an ace :trollface:), average util OF Gavin Hodge, 5-tool SS Ping (I forecasted a 100sb season; he had 6 through 10 G before his arm injury in the 9th of a game. :emo:), and Jose Mostas a corner outfielder with the potential to be a solid 5-6-7 rbi, obp machine.

2041 Draft Cairo owned the 3rd overall pick. The 2 players the team wanted were taken beforehand (Last Resort and Tiny). So I put the pick up for trade. Once again within 10 minutes OU comes to the table. Done in 8 PM's total. :thumbsup:

Amsterdam sent over the 7th (Scott Bell), 32nd (Larry Koubek), 33rd (Altagracia) and OF/cornerstone Harry Millburn. Cairo sent the 3rd (Haamid) and 19th (Haktanir).

That takes us up through 2041. No considerable transactions (trades) of note until today.

Next up? The drafts. 2039-2042. A breakdown of 2039-2040. And a projection with 2041-2042 prospects.​
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Larry Bernandez
2043 Spring Training


Running a 4-man this year. Wasn't able to grab the other piece to complete this side of the puzzle this offseason. Looking for Paek to be hot and cold; hoping he hits his hot streak from July onward like last year. Will switch over at some point to a 5 until call-ups in September and re-evaluate.

C - Bell 7
1B - Bahceli 5
2B - Fiasco 9
3B - Birdal 8
SS - Ping 1
LF - Millburn 4
CF - Chen 6
RF - De Los Santos 2
DH - Leafsson 3

With Brown wanting 10+ in negotiations and over the age of 40, I felt the risk was too much. Ahern is more a bench player at this point. Albeit an expensive one. So I went all-in on 'Wildcard' and shipped Salas out to Las Vegas. With @Gooksta having a moment of panic, @NML using his budget to muscle the All-White's into contention talks, and @jdlikewhoa banking on his stable of young guns to propel them to a league title I felt this was needed. You can never have enough hitting.


Larry Bernandez
Y'all acting like a 4-man is going to cause their arm to fall off. :laughing: It's only for 5-7 weeks (8 or 9 starts). Allows Corb and Alta to get some looks against AAA/AAAA guys. Or trade for that back of the rotation 65+ stam workhorse. Bidding up 'Skates' has freed up 9M in budget.


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Y'all acting like a 4-man is going to cause their arm to fall off. :laughing: It's only for 5-7 weeks (8 or 9 starts). Allows Corb and Alta to get some looks against AAA/AAAA guys. Or trade for that back of the rotation 65+ stam workhorse. Bidding up 'Skates' has freed up 9M in budget.
Skates da reel MVP. He will be the G$7.75mMOAT
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Skates is terrible. I had been paying him $13m a year since I took over and I'm so glad he's gone. Shocked he got that much.

Even more shocked Birdal got signed at all.


Larry Bernandez
Want to extend a warm welcome to the new minor league affiliates for the Cairo Tutankhamuns. Along with a big thank you to @Orlando for puting up with my insistent pm's over the offseason.

AAA - Alexandria Librarians

AA - Luxor Templemen

A - Karnak Neophytes


Larry Bernandez
I actually really like the logos, especially the Neophytes, it's the font on all three that bothers me. Just really hard to read.
Was attempting more of a rounded font in homage to arabic/cursive for all 3. With Karnak being like the 3rd grader first learning penmenship (dunno if this is still taught; probably replaced with intro into learning how to code :crying:). Suppose the Templemen could have been scaled a bit larger for easier reading. Didn't seem all that bad looking at it on the monitor, but can see where you are coming from if viewed on mobile or something. Anyway, wanted to share the train of thought on em. Thanks for the feedback.


Larry Bernandez
2064 Year in Review

Another year, same result. Tuts are sitting at home for the playoffs. On the bright side, the club did end up tied (2050) for the 2nd best record in their intermingled history at 88-74; a 3 game improvement over 2063.

Attendance jumped a hair over 250K from the previous year finishing with 1,757,624 fans through the turnstiles. That equates to 21,699 per game. A 35.7% increase!

P D. Christian - Signed in mid-April to fill the 3 hole in the rotation. Had a disappointing season through August. Shaved nearly a run of his ERA in September from 6.04 down to 5.17 (4.38 FIP). Asking for 11M over 3 years. Gonna cut ties.
P I. Cappustigall - Drafted with 2nd pick in 2nd rd 2063. Had expected the lefty to work on improving in AAA, but after a ratings bump he got the call. Sensational LOOGY/MR arm. Finished with 2.1 WARs won.
LF T. Moy - Flirted with a .300 average. Might have found the elusive leadoff man after J. Alvarez stumbled out of the gate. Hit .321/.423/.446 out of the top spot. Now if only he could stay healthy for a full season...
RF R. Hassell - Another rookie. Drafted in 2062 with 3rd pick in rd 4. Got the call up with Cappustigall May 5th. This move shifted Moy over to LF. Great presence (.310/.358/.538) behind Kim and Ferrreira to fill out the 3-4-5.

General Thoughts:
Slow start to begin the season left the Tuts scrambling to get back into contention. An 8-12 April and sweeps by LV to open and close out May didn't help.
Having a solid 1-2 punch in Khong and Piccoli helps, but need to find a 3rd arm this offseason. Ghiyath and Vega performed as expected in the bottom of the rotation.
Not many injuries for a 2nd year. *knocks on wood* Moy was out 3 weeks with a knee bruise. While Mitichkin suffered an oblique strain and was gone for 6 weeks. Those were the only ones to hit to big league club in 2064.
After taking over after in the middle of the 2061/62 offseason, the lineup has converted from maybe 1 or 2 LHB to the opposite side of the spectrum; 1 -2 RHB, 2 switch hitters and 4-5 LHB. This allowed the team to post a 71-49 record facing RHP. But a 17-25 mark against LHP.

On the Farm:
SS G. Varajo was the lone rookie call-up for September. Outside of the Helsingborg series in the final week, he performed great at the plate. Will compete with J. kella in ST for the starting role.
Z. Chiang has been converted from SS to 2B after a ratings bump in August. Will need another year of seasoning before a cup of coffee.
LF J. Girard led all AA batters with 43 HR to go with 25 doubles, 2 triples, 115 RBI and 113 runs scored. Will see some time in ST. More than likely begin the season in AAA as depth in case of injury to Moy.
P H. Chapa in his first season of AA ball finished with a 10-5 mark. The 1.50 WHIP is a bit disconcerting, but at 22 he has room to grow still.
P B. Ortiz began the year in A Karnak. The 6-6 record isn't overwhelming, but he posted a 1.07 WHIP with an 6.20 K/BB ratio. After moving up a level the 21 y/o lefty still managed a respectable 3.64 K/BB.