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Move to OOTP 21?

Will you buy OOTP 21

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Lloyd Carr

Well-Known Member
When is that OOTP footbaw game coming out?

Ill buy the murricans back with all my robinhood gains. Then Ill hire a new strength and conditioning corch and some new regular corches to get my baseball players ready to be footbaw players

Karl Hungus

Here to fix the cable
I definitely don't want to switch mid-season. We either go forward on 20 now or we wait a bit to see how 21 treats our league setup.


Will-Gnome Member
I don't find minor leagues that time consuming. I set A and AA at the end of each season and then do AAA and WBL after spring training. I imagine it would be a headache to do it all at the same time.
I check the team home screen for each level of my minors every sim, but I only make changes if there are injuries, promotions, or if I want to get guys more playing time. I can spend as little as 5 minutes or as long as an hour (usually only around the draft). The better my minors system is, the more time I generally spend on the minors.