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How do you choose which offensive formation to use next.

I'm looking for a logical way to choose formations on offense. On defense its pretty simple because you just match up to personnel. On offensive I end up calling formations semi-randomly especially in the name of "sim" but would like a logical way of going about it if someone has any ideas.


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I just cycle through all the plays in order, choosing a play that fits the situation and style of play for the particular year of re-enactment. I then note what formation I last used in the game, and start the next game with that formation. It allows me to cycle through the entire playbook about twice over the course of a ten game regular season.

Honestly when you have speed at quarterback like collinsworth or the athletic freakishness of a tight end like Marshall, it doesn’t matter the formation. You are built to dominate.
Formation depends on RB stamina. But typically I am running 1 back in the pro-style playbook with my top back. Then switch to I for the 2nd back when other back gets tired or when their LBs are killing me and I need a FB. Then it is a matter if I am attacking the middle or edge for the play. I mix in easy pass plays. But my goal is to wear down the defense and play keep away. I only play as a coach in my NDSU dynasty. I also build them big with an avg OL of 6'6" 342 pounds this season. My 1 back HB is 6'0" 256 pounds. I formation back is 6'2" 232. With a scat back in the shotgun at 6'0" 220. Both TEs are 6'5" @ 265 and 273 and my WRs are pretty much in the 220 pound range. Games can be close but there is a time near the end of the 3rd quarter the defense is tired and it opens up for my backs and the game is put away.

I think it all depends what you are trying to accomplish. I will run power plays into a tough defense with the goal to wear them down. Most of the time it works. But a couple times a season it doesn't and then we break out the passing attack to open up running the ball.