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How do you call offensive plays?

Discussion in 'NCAA Football Discussion' started by FSS, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. FSS

    FSS Member

    Looking for more efficient way to to call plays.

    1. Down and distance
    2. Defensive alignment
    3. Get the ball to best player
    4. Attack space
    5. Best plays
    6. Random

    Add on if something different.

    Im trying to find a way to call plays with a reason and purpose without being "cheese" about it, while not calling plays that dont work or not a good play for my personnel just to keep "sim".

    I have my thoughts on how I do this but would like to hear others opinions.
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  2. NavyHog

    NavyHog Well-Known Member Utopia Moderator NCAA Moderator

    I'm probably a mix of random, but I definitely have some "go to plays" that are predicated on down and distance. Also it depends on the opponent and what he likes to do (heavy zone more shallow crosses, man heavy more slants and corner routes).
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  3. Gooksta

    Gooksta Well-Known Member

    I think of plays that i like, what type of defenses i want to run them against, then how to set those plays up to get certain defenses to get them to work.. example, there is a 5 wide play that has a skinny post that if thrown right as the receiver cuts on his skinny post against any cover 3 defense is a huge play. So i call that formation, see what they play defensively, call plays to try and get them off what their calling to go to a cover 3, then go to that play when that happens, boom.
  4. Craig7835

    Craig7835 Active Member

    I call mine based on defensive alignment & what the offense is running. For the offensive side, I do the following:

    1. If the defense comes out ready to stop the run, I audible to a pass play out of the same formation. For example if I come out in Shotgun 2RB/3WR 689 Hook, I audible to a Slot Cross or any pass play that has the good post routes

    2. The same applies for the pass defense. Instead of me going for the deep routes,I nickel & dime it to kill clock or to get big gains from short routes. I also like to use HB Counters, Sweeps or Dives.

    Defensively I like to mix it up. For example, In the Road To Glory Mode as a coach, my base defense I use is a 4-3 & I played with Cal. I was up against Oregon & I used the multiple defense PB which contained the 3-4. I would come out in any 4-3 formation & then audible to a 3-4 & call bump & run. I did the same thing with my Nickel & Dime formations.The results of that game was a 34-0 Cal win as I held the Ducks to 90 yards of total offense. In the next game against Southern Cal, I used the 335 PB & held them to 10 points,which was 23 points below their season average & won that game 30-10.
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