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HEY MEN! It's the 128th Annual WBL Winter Meetings on the ISLE OF MAN!


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
I don't even remember Inonu being on the ballot.
Yeah I believe there are a few guys who were left off because it was too full. There's a SP named Mordisini from Las Vegas who had an OK at best argument but at least an argument that was never on.
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Did the first team in alpha order that uses alliteration export?
Don't think so.
{td}Dublin Distillers{/td}
{td}Last Export at Jul 25, 20:23{/td}

Unless you did it recently and the site didn't update (not sure how that works).


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These guys are up for trade. Some are poor clubhouse guys, so if you don't care about that these could be real winners!

SP Kabir. Fragile SP. Nice upside if healthy.

SP Miller. 6-pitch, control pitcher prospect.

RP McCauley. Good LOOGY/MR.

RP Newson. Good late-inning reliever.

SP German. Lotto ticket type SP.

MR Martinez. Vet reliever.

1B/3B Unas. Glove Wizard last year. Regular .300 hitter

1B/DH Cuellar. Great hitter. I can retain his salary

C Kop. Solid Catcher. Cheap. Around 3 WAR.

2B Weiner. He is a weiner, but h can hit.

Corner OF Paganin. Decent prospect. Should get a shot somewhere.

3B/1B Urizar. Former first rounder. I just kind of forgot about him. Should be around 3 WAR.

1B Rigney. Decent 1B prospect. Blocked.

C Sanchez. Solid catcher prospect.

SS/2B Lopez. Good middle infield prospect. Possible shithead.

2B Ramirez. Solid 2B/25th man
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Possibly. You have you set them before season tickets go on sale, so maybe after the season starts they let you change them for gate sales. I haven’t changed ticket prices in a long time, so I don’t recall.


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You can edit them during the season.

Speaking of the season, this might just be my last one. Budget hasn’t changed in well over a decade, this team can’t even fail enough to get 1-1, and I’m bored with seeing the same teams in the playoffs all the time. If we get the 1-1 or hit 80 wins I might reconsider but right now I’m leaning towards being done.