• Hello Guest. We are upgrading the server's XenForo versions. This has to be done in stages. 1.5.18 ---> 1.5.23 ---> 2.0.0 ---> 2.0.12 ---> 2.1.0. I will likely upgrade each one and leave it for a day or so to see if there's any kinks. When moving from 1.x to 2.x, our add-ons will cease to work. Much of the functionality of said add-ons is now native within XenForo 2.x, so I don't think we'll miss much if anything. IF we are, we can try out new 2.x XF add-ons.

do sim players have rights?

  1. Mr. Radpants

    HEY MEN! It's the 128th Annual WBL Winter Meetings on the ISLE OF MAN!

    Come to your senses….come to the Isle of Man! The WBL Winter Meeting Committee would like to invite GM-Owner-Managers men and their family and friends to the 128th annual WBL Winter Meetings on THE ISLE MAN! What's on the Isle of Man besides the United Kingdom King's Single A team, the...