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Finalized Trades Thread

Karl Hungus

Here to fix the cable


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Las Vegas sends:
CF Antonio Perez (AA)
3B Anthony Martins (WBL)

Helsingborg sends:
CF Alex Gamera (WBL)
2B Antonio Juarez (WBL)
I saw Martins/Perez still on my rosters so that part is missing

Mr. Radpants

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OOTP online is harder than offline because the trade AI is actually lower with humans and rivals don’t play by house rules


Will-Gnome Member
Looks like JD maximised what he good get out of the 1st round of this draft to me to me. It's absolute shite, and maybe he looked at next years and realised it had a better 2nd round than this years 1st?