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Finalized Trades Thread


See You Next Wednesday
Yes. I should have.

Take a pick away. Idc. Rebuild fin. Thought I'd provide a solution.

Was going to be Rads player. So he could have told me to sign him. He was on a minor lg contract. shrug


See You Next Wednesday
CAI sends:
P Barrera (WBL)
P McSwain (AAA)
P R. Garcia (AAA)
P van Sundert (WBL)
OF Embery (WBL)

INF Lesage (WBL)
2B Schneider (A)
SS Arif (A)
88 2nd


AMD for:
RP Wormgoor (WBL)
OF Sawyer (WBL)

3B Zavalin (WBL)


@Karl Hungus feel free to break it into more manageable pieces since ur limited to 5? players.
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Amsterdam sends:

Moscow's 1st round pick in 2090 acquired in an earlier trade with Cairo
Cairo's 3rd round pick in 2088

False Bay sends

False Bay's first round pick, the 7th overall, in 2088