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College Baseball/Softball Thread


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True, but still. This team is really good. Might even be Gasso's best when all is said and done. Actually looking forward to the softball team joining the SEC so they can be tested more.
I'm not doubting that they are reely good. I'm just adding some context that the tweeter conveniently overlooked.


They're going to have a few off days and lose, hopefully against some good teams and hopefully before June. But this team can do it all. And they're FUN to watch.


Disney and Curling Expert
Dude never looked up. Not when the fans started cheering. Not what the catcher jumped in front of home plate.


I really hope this season isn't a sign of things to come for Arizona softball. I want Caitlin Lowe to be the successor but man, this team just doesn't have it right now.

Bruce Wayne

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I would love to know what the batter said. Probably called the pitcher a cocksucker or said something about his momma.