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SMALL BALLERS GON LOOK 2076 Season Thread: Welcome Corch Hayvis


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New season is underway!

Moscow will be a much less powerful team this season after losing Martin Dukes to Istanbul, but we should still compete for the Topia League title. Ultimately, I think LV will pull away to capture the league title with Moscow, Buffalo, and either Kabul or Miami taking the wildcard spots in no particular order.
No idea about WL or who will win the Shamship yet.


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Did someone hire wooly as the UK pitching coach? I have no idea how my rotation is this good

They finished first, second, and third in the Cy Young or whatever award last year

As an aside, can we rename those awards after great WBL players?


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@hayvis, get on the case!

{td=top|490x@}The Case of the Missing Star's Batting Gloves
Saturday, June 6th, 2076
After a poor start to the season, Istanbul Ottomans' Martin Dukes insists that the fault for the bad start lies neither in his stars or with him. Instead, he places the blame solely on a missing pair of lucky, old, and crusty batting gloves.

Said Dukes, "I've had them since college and I have no idea why someone would even want to steal them. Seriously, they stink but I need them back or I'll probably never get a hit again." So for now, a mystery hangs over the gloves and Dukes's missing stroke. It is doubtless that fans of the 7th place Istanbul are likely hoping the gloves and their second baseman's stroke are found soon.{/td}


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Immersion heading back to 80/80 after I get done with this psych eval this morning. Time to fire up the TRADE MACHINE BABBY and win something while I still have talent.

In search of: pitching, specifically relievers.

Can move: prospects, picks.