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every single good bat is a DH. NICE!

ill edit this post:

Just looking at the draft website, looking through the first 20 bats, only 1, maybe 2 have even somewhat acceptable...and its just acceptable...defensive ratings. Maybe the actual game ratings will be different.


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Helsinborg - Orlando
North Dakota - Travis7401sucksdick
Amsterdam - OU11
Lisbon - kingssc
Dublin - Mr. Radpants
False Bay - JD Like Whoa
Soul - Karl Hugus

Kabul -Wolfman21
Moscow - Soonerfan09
Las Vegas - doh
Buffalo - Yankee
Istanbul - Otto
Little Rock - Schauwn
Cairo - Fignuts
Miami - Tony


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somewhere along the ootp line it made the most likely possibilities to be a good bad bad defensive or bad bat great defense


Larry Bernandez
sorry, trying to decide between a position player with a "meh" bat but solid defense and a reliever......for the 11th overall pick
Take Amaro and be done with it. Ur window is open for a few years. Take the best college player available. Or at least that is what I would do.


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That's a nice pick you've got there, it'd be a shame if someone auto'd it
it would be a shame. Because that would be an abuse of power to the point where i'd seriously quit the league this time. I'm spending time with my daughter. I don't give a fuck if this draft falls 2 hours or 2 days behind. Auto it all you want