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2022: The World Cup Thread


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Seriously. That works.
It sucks to officiate. Field hockey only uses two officials since there is no offsides rule so no need for linesman. Teams can launch a quick counter attack easily and the ball can move quickly along the turf. Very easy for an official to get out of position on a long quick pass up the field to a cherry picking attacker.


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Porchucheese corch with tie and jacket. Murracone corch with jacket no tie. They KNOW what STAGE they R on.


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Morocco actually attacking this game despite Hayvis' worst fears, almost like their bus parking was exclusive to playing against the only tactic with lower brain power than parking the bus, tiki taka.

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I guess we can give Canada a pass for their World Cup performance since they were in a group with two semi-finalists. Kind of like Costa Rica in 2002, won CONCACAF qualifying but ended up in a group with two semifinalists.

FOX needs to stop trying to make FIFA Rankings a thing.


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6500 migrant workers died but at least an Arab nation made it to the semi finals