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2022: The Offseason Thread - The Breakup Song


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"Lowe said Kelly even had one rapid and simple hand signal that simply meant, “‘Line up and run the same play we just ran, as fast as you can.’ We destroyed defenses with that."


There are games for programs which I think are markers for a change in program trajectory. Games which were losses at the time that looked bad but with a 20/20 vision can be used as a point where it was obvious the program was falling apart or forced changes necessary to revive the program . Looking back I wonder if this was that game for Miami.

As an FSU fan there are three games which pinpoint that changed the programs trajectory.

  1. 2001 UNC. Go up there ranked #6 and lose 41-9. ushering in the lost decade.
  2. 2006 WF loss at home 30-0. Ushered in a change in thinking and going out to hire Jimbo Fisher.
  3. 2016 Louisville losing 63-20 when ranked #2. First time I had ever seen an FSU team quit. 15 months later Fisher was gone to A&M and the program has been a dumpster fire since.