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  1. Big Tide33

    EA College Football (NCAA Football returns!)

    Only care for one thing, COACH MODE bitches.
  2. Big Tide33

    Southpaw gon' cook Week 14 conference shamship games

    Book it: OU: 45 UA: 41 Kyler will drop 400 total yards, and we will get exposed on D.
  3. Big Tide33

    Aspergers Clearinghouse and Miscellaneous Meaningless Bowl Thread

    It was nice winning the SEC this year, but Clemson is going to throttle our ass. Clemson should be favored -6. Their front seven is going to eat our lunch.
  4. Big Tide33

    #1 Alabama vs U$C 8pm ET ABC

    I love seeing the young ones from years ago now all grown up and posting. Makes me yearn for the days of GoHuskies. So what are the youth of today up to on this board besides being hall monitors?
  5. Big Tide33

    #1 Alabama vs U$C 8pm ET ABC

    Apologies for not doing a spell check on a post. Now I remember why I only browse anymore.
  6. Big Tide33

    #1 Alabama vs U$C 8pm ET ABC

    He blew a 0.00, kind of hard to get a DUI conviction if your the DA.
  7. Big Tide33

    Sugar Bowl

    Congrats to Ohio St. It saves me from watching Bama get plowed by Oregon. It's hard to watch us play defense anymore. It was nice to get another SEC title, but we are several players away from winning another national title.
  8. Big Tide33

    Sugar Bowl

    I promise you we let up, and Ohio St. Makes it a game. Also, if we do manage to play Oregon; we get our shit pushed in.
  9. Big Tide33

    Beardown About...Rose Bowl #0

    My god we are a bad football team. How did we get this bad this quickly?
  10. Big Tide33

    Beardown About...Rose Bowl #0

    My god Auburn is gonna abuse us like a $2 Thai hooker.
  11. Big Tide33

    Beardown About...Rose Bowl #0

    I wish DariusLocke was alive to see this game, he would have enjoyed that. Ole Miss deserved that one. Been saying all year we lose 3 ball games.
  12. Big Tide33

    #2 Alabama vs WVU - 3:30EST - ABC - 40lb Box

    Speaking of Jobob, where the hell is he?