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Mr. Radpants

Personality Class: Starship Captain
The WBL Winter Meeting Committee would like to invite GM-Owner-Managers and their family and friends to the 128th annual WBL Winter Meetings in KABUL, AFGHANISTAN!

Kabul was once the home of the maddest owner in all of the lands, and who wouldn't be mad trying to operate a baseball team in war-torn Kabul? But alas! Wolfman has gone missing!

This year will the second FIND A FRIEND Winter Meetings, so grab a friend GM and build upon the success we had finding @Reel during the 122nd Winter Meetings in nearby BATON ROUGE LOUSIANASTAN. This time, we'll be using emerging satellite technology that detects large anger vortexes and attempts to triangulate the signal of hate -- hopefully, that will lead us to wolfman!

What's there to do in Kabul besides die? Grab a friend GM and visit the Kabul Bird Market. Maybe it will remind you of this game we play. Haggle, trade, and watch birds fight - do birds have rights?!

Be sure to visit the Kabul Zoo, a popular local spot. The main attraction is Khanzir, the only pig in the entire country. The Zoo was best known for its famous lion, Marjan, which died in 2002. Marjan was given to Kabul by West Germany in 1976. The lion witnessed Afghanistan's turbulent history, from the communist coup, the Soviet occupation, the state of warlordism, and the hardline Taliban regime. Unfortunately, Majan did not live to see the Kabul renaissance of the 2030s and the successfully defended Alien Spider Invasion.

Marjan was a complete badass, even for a lion. He survived civil war shelling of the zoo, killed an idiot soldier that snuck into his lion's den, and survived a grenade attack from a brother of the soldier that was seeking revenge. The grenade thrower was later killed by an angry mob.

A joint collaboration between the Winter Committee Meeting and the WBL Commissioner's Office, the Worldtopia Baseball League and their affiliated parties will gather at the 128th annual meetings for a week filled with seminars and league and organizational meetings.

For six event-packed days, the host hotel will bring together front office personnel, trade show exhibitors and job seekers, all under one roof. Throughout the week, a number of notable events fill the agenda, including the Baseball Trade Show; the WBL Job Fair, presented by the ULG; the Banquet; the Bob Freitas Business Seminar & Workshop Series; the Awards Luncheon; and the Gala.

This year, the Workshop Series will feature several interesting breakout sessions such as:

Canada Finds New Allies: Banned from baseball and on the run from the law for running a Personality Enhancing Drug ring out of his Submarine, Wooly finds new friendships among anti-American bastards that don't care about the integrity of the Internet's Pastime.

Darkweb Ghosting: Our computer forensic specialists analyze clues into Wolfmad's disappearance, including his recent profile setting changes and random picture postings.

Get to Know CPU: Need a friend GM? New OTTO BOTS are flooding open GM positions around the league. Pull up a chair for some speed dating, OTTO style!

Five Minutes a Day, featuring @Reel: In this hour long seminar, @Reel breaks down a typical 5-minute OOTP GM day at work.

And a live screening of a new film:
ESPSim Presents: Four Days in October
In late October 2075, with both series at 3-0, four WBL teams had a date with the time-space continuum. The four teams faced game four after game four. This science fiction film directed by JJ Abrams Jr. will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting more game fours!


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
I'm so happy I get to play this season. I think I had a legit chance to make the playoffs last year if I was allowed to export! The team honestly did amazing, going 76-86, considering they spent much of the season with only 2 outfielders, forcing the backup catcher to play CF in homage to @Reel's greatest managerial moves.

Poor Sidney Burns, going -17 ZR in 30 games at CF


Mr. Radpants

Personality Class: Starship Captain
@Orlando you sly qual you, teasing the new SPACETOPIA league in such an alarming manner.

If you want to do new jerseys with quasars and comets just ask if anyone is ready to relocate to another planet


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Thought for sure this off season would be some hamfisted joint TRI-CENTENNIAL celebration with Buffalo taking the lead and having some smaller meetings in the other former US cities. In the end I think it is fitting that the country who destroyed the US and fought off space spiders gets the nod.


TWINK Stadium
Thought for sure this off season would be some hamfisted joint TRI-CENTENNIAL celebration with Buffalo taking the lead and having some smaller meetings in the other former US cities. In the end I think it is fitting that the country who destroyed the US and fought off space spiders gets the nod.
Buffalo is is sovereign city state by 2075

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THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Where have you gone, Wolf Man
Our forum turns its lonely eyes to you
Wu wu wu
What's that you say, Mrs. O-Commish
The Whiny Bitch has left and gone away
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey


TWINK Stadium
I had a fellow dota buddy who expressed mild interest back when we were full but he's got a jerb like me now since we're all going to make it brah, and thus doesn't have time for baseball games from the 2070s. Also he was used to weird budget rules, so prob not a fit


TWINK Stadium
I think us Os know about the inner rumblings of the league. Don Drain was the glue holding this league together and his passing has all the owners wanting to quit to go to the stars.