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What team to start a CFM with?


New Member
I wanna start a CFM and i'm thinking about 4 teams. Wanted to see if anyone had any pros and cons about these teams. Thanks for any insight on who i should start with.

Team #1= Tampa Bay Bucs, I feel i could trade some veteran players for draft picks and rebuild the team with or without Winston. The division would be tough to rebuild in and definitely provide a challenge.

Team #2= San Francisco 49ers, They traded for Jimmy G but is he the future? They need skill guys and the defense is a work in progress. Would definitely be a tough build.

Team #3= Cincinnati Bengals, Man o man were do i start? It would probable time to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch!!! The one good thing would be having Joe Mixon has a young RB to build around.

Team #4= Oakland Raiders, Jon Gruden is your coach yes and he's traded away 2 big time players for first round picks. But on Madden the Cowboys will most likely be good after the Cooper trade so their pick might be a late first rounder. The defense has big question marks for sure.