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Week 10 Thread -BAMA at LSU (Game of the Century again, imminent)


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Into the double digit weeks now. Games Tuesday-Saturday. Gameday is headed to Baton Rouge, a decision that was made in mid September, I'm sure. CHIP heading back to Eugene. Leach has Wazzu in the top 10 I'm guessing for the first time since the throwing Hawaiian Gessler? Remember when I said he wasn't even in the top half of coaches in the Pac-12 @bruin228 ? Forgive me, hermano.


Notable games:
Nebraska at #8 Ohio State (9:00 AM, FOX)
#6 Georgia at #11 Kentucky (12:30, CBS)
#12 West Virginia at #15 Texas (12:30 FOX)
#14 Penn State vs #5 Michigan (12:45 ESPN)
#16 Utah at Arizona State (1:00, PAC-12 NET)
#1 Alabama vs #4 LSU (5:00, CBS)
#7 Oklahoma at Texas Tech (5:00 ABC)
California at #10 Washington State (7:45, ESPN)

Have a good week, bros.



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LSU-Bama is always a great atmosphere, even if the game tends to be overrated because every college footbaw analyst loses their shit over it.


Douglass Tagg
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NORMA is very confused right now because I unwittingly trained her recall command using the horse whistle from RDR. Now after 10 months of training, I start playing RDR2 and whenever Arthur whistles for his horse, NORMA comes sprinting to the TV room looking for her treats. This has lead to a bit of a breakdown in communication and Yankee is certainly taking advantage of it, burying nuts in ma'yard while NORMA hangs out with characters from across the simulation divide.