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This War of Mine - Whiskey Play


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Days 19-21

Day 19:
I sound pretty drunk, lol, such slurring. I'm also getting cavalier with my food, double feeding certain players to get them back ahead of the curve and hopefully that'll keep them healthier. Trader dude shows up him a pistol and some tobacco for some weapons parts (enough to build another pistol) and a bunch of sugar for booze production. Keeping water production in line by producing filters, pretty standard day. Getting close to upgrading the stove before the winter hits, which is nice.

Night 19:
Bruno guards, Arica Sleeps, Pavel guards, and scavenging with Marko to the construction site! Marko brings a lockpick and a shovel to facilitate his scavenging... but I'm stopped by a grate and need a sawblade FUUUU. Bring home a bunch of materials and make note of NEEDING SAW BLADE DUMMY. We arrive back after a calm night and find Pavel has somehow sustained a deep wound? WAT? The good news is the violence is over.

Day 20:
A shady neighbor shows up and propositions me. I send Arica off with the creeper because I have my mission to not turn down people in need. Arica definitely gon get raped and murdered. We make some more moonshine and we upgrade our wood burning stove. We listen to the radio and find out winter is coming. We have an upgraded wood stove, an efficient cook stove, and have the hatchet. Things are looking ok for the prep, but we are going to need more wood.

Night 20:
Bruno guards, Pavel sleeps away his wound, Arica is MIA, and Marko goes to the city hospital to get fixed. Marko brings a shovel and some booze to the hospital for digging and trading, but the primary motivation is getting patched up. Bruno is on meds! We don't get much in return for our hospital visit, but whatev.

Day 21:
ARICA IS ALIVE! She brought back some stuff she scavenged, but has a deep wound from the rapist. The house is getting cold and lots of our characters are in really rough shape, and now Bruno is depressed as well. LAWD. On the radio we learn that the military is committing acts of violence against civilians and that some of the scavenging areas might be blocked soon.

Night 21:
With everyone tired/wounded/hurt we decide to stay home and have 2 people sleep in beds while pavel guards, and Marko sleeps but without a bed. The night was calm.



Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Days 22-23

Day 22 -
We were raided in this version. No one was wounded and we were able to defend ourselves. Bruno cooks some food, Pavel and Bruno eat some food. Thrilling start. I start to chop up a bed for fire wood instead of sleeping. That's a fun mis-click dynamic, lol. We make some saws for construction site scavenging.

Night 22-
The initial plan was: Marko scavenges, Pavel Guards, Bruno and Arica sleep. Unfortunately, the construction site was cutoff from us due to fighting, woof. We decide to go to the school with the hatchet, shovel, lockpick and SAW. Time to gain access to some new areas and find some loot! We use our saw to access a new area and I encounter some hobos, but they aren't angry hobos and they don't stab me with their hobo knives, so that's good. We eventually find a bunch of water in a fridge and stash a bunch more loot. Toward the end of the night, I go back up to the exterior area and chop up some furniture with the hatchet and store the wood for the coming winter. When we leave, I've got a full load of material and we have 2+ loads of materials stashed as well. A good night, and we arrive home to find that the night was calm and Arica is feeling much better. Even more positive!

Day 23 -
We build a 3rd bed, which will be helpful as it will allow us to get more sleep during the day with our players who have to stay awake during the night. You can manage with 2 beds, but it just seems someone always ends up fatigued. Then I accidentally scrap the bed instead of sleeping in it. So I build a new bed again! YAY. The trader dude comes and I trade some booze and raw tobacco for veggies and raw food and coffee. I think in future playthroughs I might try to get into making cigs and herbal meds instead of booze. The only problem I have with making cigs is that it can be hard to control the usage rate if you have smokers in the house, making them less trade able than booze. Bummed that my squirrel traps haven't been producing much lately.

Night 23 -
Scavenge with Marko, Pavel guards, Arica and Bruno sleep. Back to the school we go with a saw and shovel. I use the saw blade to access a new area hoping for some awesome loot... and instead I find a stash of veggies that are property of the hobos and labeled private property. My good guy playthrough rules are against stealing, so I basically wasted the saw blade. FUUUUU. On the flip side, I find some food and booze in the fridge but the hobos are fine with me taking that. Vegan teetotaler hobos, apparently. I also found a bunch of medicine and a lock pick. SWEET. I also found a few more materials as well. Pretty much cleared this whole site out and stashed everything where it is easy to reach. We arrive home to find the night was calm but Marko isn't feeling well and Arica is feeling better.



Just bought this on Humble Bundle for $6.79. Looks like the offer is good until 1pm Eastern today if anyone else is interested. Made it through 3 days so far in my playthrough with no real problems. If not for these videos, however, I wouldn't have had a clue what to do. Did get lucky with some neighbors dropping by and giving us 5 vegetables for nothing. It's a pretty addicting game, it's so easy to say "just one more day".


Off dem Milds and dat Yak
Community Liaison
im running through all of my "point and click" games trying to see if i can advance past my last points on them

I didnt quite understand the mechanics of TWIM when i first played it. Travis' videos helped but I tried to not watch too many so that I did exactly what he did