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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


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I decided to play The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind again. Haven't played the game in a long time!
I download the game from Amazon Prime Gaming. It is a free game for February.

Below these are the mods I am using for my Morrowind game. I may add more mods later on.

  1. Morrowind Code patch
  2. Morrowind Rebirth
  3. Morrowind Enhanced Textures (MET)
  4. Aesthesia Groundcover
  5. Grass Rebirth
  6. Robert's Bodies
  7. Facelift Heads
  8. MGE XE (Morrowind Graphics Extender)
  9. Skyrim UI Overhaul for Morrowind
  10. More Better Clothes Vol I
  11. Run Faster
  12. Better Morrowind Armor
  13. Real Signposts
  14. Better Clothes
  15. Landscape Retexture
  16. Tamriel Data
  17. Morrowind Rebirth
  18. Better Heads - UPDATE: I quit using this mod
  19. Accurate Attack
  20. Morrowind Comes Alive
  21. Tamriel Rebuilt
  22. Better Dialogue Font
  23. Seven Graces Shrines Enhanced
  24. Armors Retexture - Outlander Styles
  25. Stealth Improved
  26. Magic Diversity -COMPLETE
  27. Animation Compilation
  28. Andromedas Fast Travel
I will post my Morrowind gameplay in this thread. Look forward to it!
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