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The Curious Case of the Dublin Distillers: A Phoenix Reborn

Mr. Radpants

Personality Class: Starship Captain
1-1 watch, guess we can add Norman. The more he turns in to Don Drain the higher he gets on my board. Would be funny to pair the two top position player selections from last year's draft, Norman and Alfie.

Forgot Norman started as one of those failed signee picks for years. I ended up getting him and Creswell back to back years somehow.

Mr. Radpants

Personality Class: Starship Captain
So to fix this 3B/SS logjam, I think I'm going to move Wade Wormington to 2B. His ratings (Range 55, Error 80, Arm 70, DP 80) should translate to a high rating there, hope he takes some crowhops and slings it to 1B at 200 mph. I'll keep Dom Allen at 3B. I'll move Karani to 1B and he should get an insane rating there. Manny Garcia sticks at SS with his 80 defense.

This will translate into the best defensive IF I've ever had. I'm just not sure if Karani's bat is still strong enough to make it work at 1B.

Kirwin Dawborn turned into the best Irish closer in history, so set there.

Just need to work on corner OF and pitching now. McKeggie is garbage and Polanco is getting old.

Mr. Radpants

Personality Class: Starship Captain
2088 Season Recap:

Set a new organizational strategy, had a crazy off-season, and increased immersion. Went from the cellar (or cellar runner up?) to third place. Graduated several top prospects to the WBL and managed to strengthen the farm through the draft, increasing the overall system rating.

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