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Rules and Regulations

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Powerhouse Rules and Regulations
(Amended Feb 1, 2016)

1) Play sim football
This is a sim-style OD and as such, expect the game play to reflect that of real life football. Using tactics which abuse or exploit the programming in the game are not permitted. Examples include dropping back to pass beyond ~10 yards, calling pass plays with the sole purpose of running with the quarterback or manipulating defenders alignments to confuse blocking and create a nano blitz. If you have any questions about what is and is not sim football, ask.

2) 4th Down Attempts
Because the game is so significantly swayed towards offensive football, we have to restrict the number and type of 4th downs users can attempt. In an effort to simplify that rule, one of the following situations must exist to attempt a 4th down:

- Ball on or past the 50, 4th and 5 or less any quarter, whether ahead or trailing
- If trailing in the 4th
- If trailing by 21+ points
- End of the Half Hail Mary

3) Chew Clock is permitted on only two occasions:
- the last 2 minutes of either half
- If up by 28 points in the 4th quarter

4) Run commit is NOT permitted at any time.

5) Hurry-up, no-huddle offenses are permitted at all times while the clock is running. You can no-huddle at any point EXCEPT incomplete passes.

6) Fake punts and fake field goals are NOT permitted at any time, including extra points.

7) Do not use flat angle, cross field punts in an attempt to induce a muff or exploit the loose ball logic in the game.

8) All defensive shifts are permitted; you can manually move any amount of defenders as long as it isn't to set up a NANO blitz or some other AI defeating formation. On the DL you may manually move one gap over to either side of his original stance.
** A DL may drop a maximum of 8 yards back into coverage. This should not be an "everydown strategy". This exception is for the sole purpose of setting up realistic zone blitzes. It should not be used to trail WR/HB/TE into the secondary. It MUST be used for spot drops only. The DL cannot drop back pre-snap and if you drop back with a DL a minimum of 3 other players must rush the QB.

9) A minimum of three players must rush the passer on every play, regardless of the game situation. Hot routing 10 or 11 players into coverage is NOT permitted at any time.

10) Ineligible Man Down Field. Due to the lack of an ineligible man down field penalty in the game, users are NOT permitted to throw a pass beyond the line of scrimmage when a slip screen or mid screen is called. Any pass thrown when these plays are called must be completed at or behind the line of scrimmage. This rule does not apply to any other screen types. If the screen is covered, you are permitted to scramble or throw the ball away.

11) Bubble Screen/OPI. If an errant throw leads to an offensive pass interference penalty on a bubble screen, the defensive user is REQUIRED to decline the penalty. This requirement is lifted if the offensive user intentionally throws to any receiver except the intended receiver.

12) Scoring cap is 70 points unless the opponent USER or CPU is within 14 points. Every effort should be made to play backups in a blowout. Users found to be running up individual statistics for post-season awards will receive one warning, followed by an immediate suspension of that player for the following game.


1) You may not persuade anyone from declaring for the draft if the following apply:

- 90 overall or higher (if projected to go in the first four rounds). Any player projected to go in the first round are to be let go regardless of rating.
- Heisman Trophy winner

2) Seniors + Open spots = scholarship #

3) In order to recruit a player in the Top 150, that player must be from one of your Pipeline States (5 players from a state=pipeline state)

4) You can only sign two 5-star players per season.

5) Minimum weights for off-season position changes:

DT: 250 lbs
DE: 215 lbs
LB: 200 lbs
TE: 225 lbs
ATH: Can be assigned anywhere they are rated 60 overall or higher

Players may only be moved one position group down during position changes (DBs can move to LB, LB to DE and DE to DT but LBs cannot move to DT, etc). Players may be moved up as many groups as you want (DTs can move to LB, DE to S, etc).

Advance Schedule

The advance schedule will be posted in the weekly advance thread, but 48 hours per game week is the standard. Extensions are granted on request.

Coaching Tree

There are 4 categories in the coaching tree, 2 for the HC and 1 each for your assistants. The only part of the tree you can use is recruiting - no game management, no offensive or defensive coordinator.

Recruiting - 3 max
Game Management - none
Offensive Coordinator - none
Defensive Coordinator - none


As always, it is up to each individual user to enforce the rules and encourage others to do the same. The commissioner will only step in and enforce or sanction players if individual users cannot come to an agreement. Should a dispute arise, handle it professionally.

Specific Rule Enforcement

Breaking the Scoring cap of 70:
1st offence = warning
[BCOLOR=#ffffff] 2nd offence = loss of 2 scholarships that season[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#ffffff] 3rd offence = your team goes on auto for the next game[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#ffffff]Going over your recruiting #(counts for in season and offseason combined):[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#ffffff] 1st offence = lose the # you went over [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#ffffff] 2nd offence = top # of recruits get cut for # you go over with addition of 1st offence consequences[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=#ffffff]Persuading non eligible player to stay[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#ffffff] He gets cut during the next stage. [/BCOLOR]

Switching Teams
1. no switching mid season
2. must be at a school 2 years before switching
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