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PS3 League -One coach needed

PS3 - 1 spot open. Very serious dynasty with 11 members in year 2038. Rules below. Email me at bucknasty@gmail.com. No cheese. We want people who want to build a program and compete with 11 great coaches.

EarnItBoy Dynasty
The Dynasty…
Welcome to EarnIt Dynasty page! I first want to let you know that this is a “Big Boy League”. We are a Sim League. This means that we do not exploit the games shortcoming. We do not want the game to have that “arcade feel”, we stress hard on limiting the money plays. We are a fast moving dynasty. We advance at least 1 time a day, and 2+ on weekends/holidays. ACTING LIKE YOU ARE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL WILL GET YOU REMOVED FROM THE DYNASTY.
Joining EarnIt
• Once you are accepted into EarnIt Dynasty, you will select a school with a 1 star prestige AS A COORDINATOR.
• We send invites all season long, but if you join after your respective team plays 3+ games, you will not be eligible for the Coaching Carousel and will stay at that school for the following season.
• You must have Band app to be accepted in the dynasty.
• Create your own coach.
• You are allowed to make your own playbook.
• You will see 20 XP points. You are to use 3 for the first year. Refer to the chart below for how many you get for each year following. Accruing XP points is on super slow so even though you will not get more than 20, you reach 20 a lot faster that the dynasty is set. This is the most fair we have come up with
• 4th Down – Go for it within reason
o Example: Going for it on your 38 yard line in 1st quarter is not acceptable
o If you are in 3rd and 4th quarter, you may but do not be excessive. USE COMMON SENSE.
• Post pictures of final score and quarter updates on the Band page.
• No Restarts without proof. If game freezes or anything, give VIDEO proof or game results WILL NOT COUNT!
• No Scoring over 77 Points. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• Head to Head – Game times – Please make reasonable efforts to schedule and play games as soon as possible. If you agree to a game and do not show up without failing to communicate, you may be placed on Auto Pilot. Please try not to abuse this rule.
• Head to Head - Freeze/Disconnect. If the 2 participants cant come up with a reasonable solution here is the protocol. Please do not try to take advantage of this as there will be zero tolerance.
o 1st half freeze – replay
o 3rd quarter freeze – must have 24 point lead
o 4th quarter freeze – must have 17 point lead

Communication and Pace
• EarnIt Dynasty moves at a fast pace normally a game a day. We may push for two but those are few and far between. Communication is key but sometimes that can’t save you (especially if your team is under .500).
• We accommodate for the most part, but some will be asked to take a sim for the team if we will hold the dynasty up
• It takes us 2.5 to 3 weeks normally to get thru a season.
• Not responding within a reasonable time can get you skipped.
• We understand that people have lives, but this is a serious dynasty important to us so try to be respectful and we will do the same. Everyone has been skipped before!
Money Plays/Suspension Policy
• There is no list of "money" plays, however we don’t want to see 25 receptions for 300 yards in a game. We know sometimes you get attacked a certain way on defense, Just within reason. If you have to think about, play the backups. Example below of what not to see.

• We do guys do a good job of policing themselves about that.
• Our suspension policy: (THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING)
(If the charge is not large, punishment can be reduced or start at 1 game)

- 1st offense
o Warning
- 2nd offense
o Loss of 80% of xp points for a length of time to be determined.
- 3rd offense
o Removal from the dynasty
Sliders, Penalties, Schedules and Other
o The human sliders are down except kicking and CPU sliders up except for kicking.
o Penalties are adjusted every year.
o No FCS games are allowed.
o Try to keep traditional rivalries going, but ultimately its coaches call
o If you want to play other users, work it out with them. Commish can and will make schedules are requested. Submit 6 to 8 teams for scheduling purposes otherwise ill give you a schedule.
XP Issues
o Only issue we have had is with XP for a few users (not getting them).
o You will get 20 points at the start, but must use the points system.
o New coach starts a rank of 1 and it is on slowest setting to accumulate XP points.
o This is how we accumulate points system
o Year 1 - 3 points
o Year 2 - 3 points
o Year 3 - 4 points
o Year 4 - 2 points
o Year 5 - 2 points
o Year 6 - 2 points
o Year 7 - 2 points
o Year 8 - 2 points

League Council (NCAA equivalent)
o The EarnIt Dynasty League Council consists of Ed, Seth, Ju, Will and Aaron. They make up rules and regulations and also make sure everyone is accounted for.

o EarnIt Dynasty Sports Network (EDSN) is a Facebook page that covers EarnIt Boy action. It gives weekly power rankings, schedules, and updates. Also, EDSN sponsors the EDSN User Coach of the Year Award, awarded to the best user coach voted by all the coaches. Will is the administrator for this.


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@Edward Hobbs moved your thread here.

Your chances of finding a PS3 NCAA player on this site are about as good as @JAR201166 finding his pee-pee, but it's worth a shot. Everyone here that plays the game is on Xbox.

Good luck!