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PES 2018


pressure cooker full of skittles
Is this the right forum for this?

Anyone else do PES instead of FIFA? I got it on PC, which is apparently finally up to PC standards relative to the console games.

Right now just waiting for modders to sidestep all that license business.


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I played this a few years ago and it was fun, but all the cool kids (but also NML) were on FIFA and the randos online killed me


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I played this a few years ago and it was fun, but all the cool kids (but also NML) were on FIFA and the randos online killed me
I think I speak for all the turkeys (and definitely our win loss record) when I say feel free to go back


pressure cooker full of skittles
You couldn't pay me to play soccer games online, inevitably with some Brazilian puber screaming "faggot" for 90 minutes.

The two things that have always drawn me to PES over FIFA are that the game feels much more open (EA Sports games always feel slightly on the rails to me, like the ball goes where the game wants it to go, the tackles miss when the game wants them to miss, etc.). Players really feel like collections of different stats and talents rather than some template, and the ball feels like its own independent object.

And I think Master League is probably my favorite franchise mode in any game (though dabbling with FM17 could change that). I love finding just the right pieces for my squad.

The obvious downside (aside from Konami's incessant middle finger to PC) is the lack of licenses, but whatever. On console it might take some time to get all the uniforms and names right, but on PC that is basically mooted within days.


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The best was a group of Brazilians that just yelled "black" the whole time after they scored. Presumably they meant it as some kind of racial epithet?


pressure cooker full of skittles
Finally got all the squads properly kitted, added Bundesliga, and got my custom team Master League set up.

It's an arduous process, but I'm jazzed to get back into this. I haven't played PES since WE 8 or 9 on Xbox, and I couldn't put it down.


pressure cooker full of skittles
Is anyone else playing? I'll quit posting if I'm the only one haha.

Really enjoying it so far, although FM has already made some of this annoying. I have tens of millions of dollars in available transfer budget but am down to pennies in wage budget, with no apparent way to shift the cash around.

I assume this isn't a realistic problem, right? Why shouldn't the transfers and salaries come out of the same pot?

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PES 2019 Demo is out.

The pace seems slower than last year and frequent one touch passing will be punished now.

Shooting seems to be a bit sensitive. I sent a shot from Calhanoglu from inside the box on a one-on-one into row Z.

The World Cup game debacle has soured me on FIFA and EA for a while.


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What was the world cup game debacle? The fact that they released world cup game mode for free this time instead of making it paid DLC?


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I was upset that they didn't have qualification, but thats because I'm a weirdo and FM serves me better in that capacity anyways. Getting the British Virgin Islands to upset England in the WC Quarterfinals is easier to do when you do it in the year 2076!


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I played about a season and a half of master league. There is just something about the gameplay that I don't like, and I think it is that it is very stale to me. Every game and team feels the same to me. With FIFA, even though most feel the same as well, I still have those classic games where it was just a blast and brings you back for more. For example last night in a Cup tie I was up 2-0 and the CPU came back to tie it, rightfully after I made some mistakes, and I was able to win it at the end. I haven't experienced that with PES.

I wish I could morph the two together somehow.

Snorky's Shame

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What was the world cup game debacle? The fact that they released world cup game mode for free this time instead of making it paid DLC?
Free, huh? I guess this is a case of you get what you pay for because the add-on was horrible and tacked-on. Once you won the World Cup offline and in FUT, there was nothing more to do. No scenarios to go through to eventually unlock stuff later, no captain your country, no qualification, no selecting your own rosters, I could go on. Going through the tournament with only a 7-man bench for games and a 40-man roster kills the immersion. The fact that EA didn't bother to fix this shows how much effort was put into this add-on. For people like me who wait four years for the World Cup game, having it be a stripped down add-on to an already bad game just feels like a complete letdown. What makes it worse is there will not be a standalone game for 2022 because of the timing of the tournament and who knows what the industry will look like in 2026.