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OOTP Newcomers, FAQ, Live Sim Lank, FINACIAL SHIT. and Available Teams Thread

Discussion in 'OOTP Discussion (Out of the Park Baseball)' started by OU11, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. OU11

    OU11 Pleighboi Utopia Moderator

    The OOTP 16 Utopia Baseball League newcomer FAQ

    Information on OOTP and how to set up the league

    What is OOTP?

    Out of the Park Baseball ("OOTP") is the most sophisticated and best-selling baseball simulation game on the planet. Since its inception, OOTP has won numerous awards, including multiple "Sports Game of the Year" awards, en route to becoming the most immersive, realistic, and customizable baseball experience a fan can ask for!

    How much does OOTP cost?

    $39.99 during the season, will go on sale eventually. You can find it here, it has versions for Mac and PC

    How much time does this league take up?

    It can take up hours or minutes depending on how involved you want to get. We export nightly during the season, advancing 7 in-game days at a time. You can set it up where the CPU manager determines starting line-ups or you can set it to manual and tweak everything from your Single A squad to your UBL starting rotation.

    How do I select a team?

    The available teams are listed in the post below this one, with links to see their rosters as well as their financial information.

    So I’ve downloaded OOTP and picked my team, how do I set up the league?

    Here are the steps that you guys need to follow to get our league into OOTP.


    Drop that ish into your saved_games folder

    Load it up
    Download new file (File - Online League - Download New File)

    Once you finish that up you should be able to jump in and setup your team and lineups etc. I would also throw a password on your team so no one can screw around with it.

    Let us know if anything is screwy.

    UBL league information

    How often does the UBL sim and how long is each sim?

    During the season commissioner bdub selig sims nightly, with 7 in-game days each sim.

    Where is the UBL online site where we vote for All Stars, Draft, and look for Sim results?

    This is the website, you will need to log in with your user name and the default password is baseball.

    How does the UBL draft?

    The draft is on the second Sunday in June. Once the draft pool is released during the season, a new UBL Draft thread will be opened and pinned. We will draft using the previous year's standings and draft as the season continues. We are hoping to implement a live draft soon where players can log on and select their pick.
    Is there a timeframe for each player to pick in?

    Yes, there is a 12 hour time limit in rounds 1-5. Once that is expired the utopian who has not picked will be given what the computer thinks is BPA. After round 5 it is a 4 our time limit.

    Q: Are there any rules about contracts?

    A: There's a house rule designed to deal with the option year exploits. If you are offering a team option, the increase of salary for the option year must not exceed:
    40% of the highest guaranteed year's salary, if that salary is less than 15 million
    20% of the highest guaranteed year's salary, if that salary is greater than 15 million

    Also, the buyout for an option year must be at least 20% of the option year salary.

    If you forget to add a buyout, the year in question will be fully guaranteed.

    Don't stack player opt-outs and team options, you dummies.


    Pre-arbitration extensions must wait until the player has one year of service time and must be greater than or equal to the highest arbitration estimate.

    If a player has gone through an arbitration hearing, the salary of each future arbitration eligible year must be equal to or greater than the amount awarded to the player.

    No first rounders in a salary dump

    No future cash in a trade

    Season Schedule

    3/1: Spring Training starts
    4/1: Opening day for all levels
    8/31: End of season for minor leagues
    9/1: UBL roster expansion
    Mid-Late September: UBL season ends

    *Note to anyone who reads, if you have questions that aren't answered PM me and I will answer them and add them to this list. Same goes to current members who see something I forgot

    Folders for jerseys/ballcaps/team logos
    To get the up-to-date logos, replace the team_logos folder under the directory news>html>images
    Both the jerseys and ballcaps folder go in the main league folder

    Logos Folder - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fy6rwpfokyzvduv/Logos.rar?dl=0
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  2. OU11

    OU11 Pleighboi Utopia Moderator

    I'll be updating this as owners come into the league. Here are the available teams, all linked. There is also the league homepage and a link to the financial status for every team. You will be able to move your team and/or select a new logo when you take over the team.

    League Homepage
    Team Financials

    Complete league list

    Amsterdam Tulips - @OU11
    Cairo - @fignuts
    Dublin Distillers - @Mr. Radpants
    Helsingborg Hammers - @Orlando
    Istanbul Ottomans - @chibob
    Las Vegas Pac Men - @doh
    Moscow Mules - @Soonerfan09
    Seoul Glow - @Karl Hungus
    Lisbon Conquistadors - @kingssc
    North Dakota Riggers - @Travis7401
    Buffalo Murricans - @Lloyd Carr @Yankee151
    UK Kings - @NML
    False Bay Flying Whites - @@jdlikewhoa
    Miami Manatees - @TonyGin&Juice
    Kabul Bulls - OPEN
    Little Rock Miners - @Schauwn
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  3. OU11

    OU11 Pleighboi Utopia Moderator

  4. OU11

    OU11 Pleighboi Utopia Moderator


    Use this spreadsheet to see how many tickets you have to sell at different prices to meet your revenue quota.
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  5. Orlando

    Orlando Well-Known Member Utopia Moderator

    If you need to re-download the latest file for any reason, delete this file:

    WBL save folder > Settings > online_league_file_time.cfg

    And re-download.
  6. OU11

    OU11 Pleighboi Utopia Moderator

    November 2, 2072 "The game that never was"
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