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Nutopia Org Chart



This will be the Nutopia structure going forward.

Userbase: Obvious. The forum goes in the direction the users want it to go.
Members: Everyone

Liaisons: Report to (work for) the userbase. Responsible for providing recommendations for features, board direction, etc., based on their interactions with the rest of the userbase.
Members: @Travis7401, @Reel, @worst2first, @osick87

Moderators: Report to (work for) the userbase. Responsible for cleaning up thread titles, moving threads, and general maintenance.
Members: @OU11, @Southpaw, @Mr. Tennessee, @Orlando, @pavel

Admins: Report to (work for) the forum liaisons and moderators. Responsible for managing board options/features, implementing recommended initiatives, managing user interactions (bannings, etc).
Members: @Kella, @Irishman, @Packfan

Operations: Report to (work for) the admins. Responsible for managing the forum software or changes with the server or hosting provider, as directed by the admins.
Members: @cmq, @Kella
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In the coming days, the roles of the liaisons will become more clear, as they will be the primary drivers between what the userbase wants to see and what the staff spends time on implementing.