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New Formations + Playbook Thoughts

JSU Zack

How do I IT?

Near Close
- FB Dive is nice
- Needs a rollout play

Gun Stack Wk
- Basically offset wing with a wide split by the X/Y
- Screen spacing is off, X runs right into Y blocker

Gun Slot Tight (?)
- Similar to Flanker Close with 11 personnel
- Mostly smash concepts
- No A/B gap runs

Gun Wide Bunch
- Solid addition, plenty of good plays from other bunch formations

Gun Empty Wide Bunch
- Light on plays
- Spot
- Drive Y Corner

Weak I Slot Flex
- Great complement for gun guys wanting a change of pace formation
- All zone runs with pass plays similar to pistol variants

Strong I Y Off
- Basically Strong H Flex with the FB in a 3 point stance

I Form Y Off
- Return from Patriots playbook
- Some Y auto-motion plays

A playbook with all the new formations can be downloaded from the playbook share. Just search "NEWFORMATIONS" by me.

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JSU Zack

How do I IT?
Other than above, there are few new additions to playbooks. A wrinkle here or there is about it. I think around 50 plays in total were added this year with about 20 of those being returning formations.

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JSU Zack

How do I IT?
Also, Gun Heavy still doesn't have a pass play. WTF?!

It would be easy to make that formation a fun one by added a few of the plays from the Gun Tight formations (stick, bench, PA Shot, etc.).

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JSU Zack

How do I IT?
Am I correct in assuming that NCAA 14 is STILL far superior in terms of CPB functionality?
There are many more shotgun sets in Madden, but mostly yes. Madden CPBs have an issue of required plays for hidden scenarios, and the "game plan" feature only kind of works.

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Nothing else really changed playswise.. Which is fine because I like some of the tweeks done to defensive zones... Especially the Cover 3 Match and Cover 3 Mable.. I have got a shit ton of interceptions from them two alone..

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