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SMALL BALLERS GON LOOK MLB 2022 THREAD, Honkballers can't look and Umpires can't see

Mr. Radpants

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White Sox biggest underachievers of the year.

Don't forget this roster is a really FUN roster and their owner bought a time machine and went back to hire La Russa and ruin it, trying to right some ancient wrote from the 80s. At least I got a Swing 3-0 shirt out of this disaster and the White Sox can go back to being an attractive OOTP rebuild.

La Russa should be fired this off-season.

Meanwhile I just can't believe the Guardians are so good at everything except creating new logos. I used to coach with a guy who is now an SVP in their front office. Wish I was in touch enough to grab a beer or something, just an incredible organization.


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The Rays are the organization that enamors me. I pray to the baseball gods every night that Nashville can steal them from that dump in St. Pete.


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Pujols wow. He should come back the way he’s been hitting. 700 is something else.

Half the teams in the league got several players finishing the year out near the mendoza lol. He could def get work


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Yeah not sure why they thought that was a good idea. Earlier in the week the padres games was the MLB network clubhouse game. CC Sabathia, Cliff Floyd and Chris Young talked about it and analyzed. It’s great. I’d rather watch it like that than a normal announcer.


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Matt Bush was so fucking bad that he gave up a Homer to the 8 hitter, a double to the 9 hitter, got one out, and the Brewers have to bring in their closer in the 7th with runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out and a one run lead.

Good thing we traded a top prospect for that useless fuck

And you know this means that Rogers will pitch tonight. Not great Bob


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107 wins. All the injuries to the starting pitching and bullpen. 10 straight seasons in the playoffs. Organization never made it three years in a row before this run. Didn’t see my first playoff win until my Jr year in HS (LIMA time! RIP)

Enjoying the ride