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Major League Soccer Thread

Snorky's Shame

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2015 Home Openers Announced


Friday, March 6
Los Angeles vs. Chicago

Saturday, March 7
D.C. vs. Montreal
Vancouver vs. Toronto
Houston vs. Columbus
Philadelphia vs. Colorado
Portland vs. Salt Lake
Dallas vs. San Jose

Sunday, March 8
Orlando vs. New York City
Kansas City vs. New York
Seattle vs. New England


Saturday, March 14
Chicago vs. Vancouver
Salt Lake vs. Philadelphia
Columbus vs. Toronto

Sunday, March 15
New York City vs. New England


Saturday, March 21
New England vs. Montreal
Colorado vs. New York City

Sunday, March 22
New York vs. D.C.
San Jose vs. Chicago


Saturday, March 28
Montreal vs. Orlando


Sunday, May 10
Toronto vs. Houston

- Looks like they changed the rotation for inter-conference matchups. This will be two straight years Vancouver visits Chicago and Chicago visits San Jose.

- Also looks like the Fire get to reprise their role as MLS' Official Housewarming Bitch (at San Jose). In addition, they get to be the Galaxy's Ring Night Bitch again. Yeah, I think the Fire will suck this year.

Not enough poll options so state your team.

Chicago Fire fan
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TWINK Stadium
NYCFC babby, we taking MLS by storm

Still hope the 3rd DP is someone good, but Kreis is quietly acquiring some solid MLS talent anyways. Mullins gon ball out.

Snorky's Shame

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Jesse Marsch is New York's new head coach.

I know Curtis and Marsch played together in Chicago but this move doesn't make sense.

New York just became a thug team.

Snorky's Shame

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Don't the Red Bulls still have Altidore's rights from when he transferred to Villareal? Or is the MLS just going to play Calvinball again?
I'm a bit fuzzy on MLS player acquisition rules, but if New York spent the money received from the Altidore sale, they lose his rights. Chicago spent the money received from the Marco Pappa transfer, that's why Chicago didn't have the rights to him when he came back to MLS.


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Well MLS says "fuck the rules" and Galaxy gets another star.

The only thing I'm looking forward to this year is the new Earthquakes Stadium. Has some pretty cool features including a bar behind the goal one entire side of the stadium. I believe they're calling it the biggest outdoor bar in the world.


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Could put this in about five different threads, but it looks like Jozy is switching with Defoe.

I'm still so mixed on NT players coming to MLS. Especially Toronto.

Snorky's Shame

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Sacha Kljestan to New York. With Denis Hamlett joining New York as an assistant, three phrases come to mind.

"Shut the fuck up"
"Fuck you bitch"
"Sit the fuck down"


The Akita on Utopia
CBA talks looking like we may finally have a strike. Calling for it because MLS is due to put on its big boy pants and take a hit.

And now...Calvin with "Osama."


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Like I said in 2010, this is a battle between owners. I bet there's a split between the big boys (New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto and Seattle) and the cheapskates (Chicago, Colorado, Montreal and San Jose).

Keep the cap but increase it. Raise the minimum salary and grant free agency after 5 years.

Snorky's Shame

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It's that time of year again.

Team: Chicago Fire

Best Case Scenario: Accam and Maloney are as good as advertised, new backline gels, Magee returns to 2013 MVP form (or something reasonably close) and Shipp avoids a sophomore slump. 3rd in the East and a home playoff game if all that happens.

Worst Case Scenario: Accam and Maloney add themselves to the list of bad Fire offseason acquisitions, Johnson leaves for Europe in July, and the direct approach yields few goals. This team could finish last in the East

Fan Favorite: Harrison Shipp. Didn't deserve Rookie of the Year, but he was the only reason this team was worth watching last year.

Young Player To Look Out For On Your Team: The aforementioned Shipp will be starting the season on the bench so that should tell you what Yallop thinks of playing young talent. I guess Chris Ritter (homegrown player) by default but he looked real uneasy with the ball at his feet on the few occassions we saw him last year.

Player You Would Like To Drive To Another Club: Yallop got rid of almost all of the deadweight this offseason so the candidates are few. I'd say Alex because I don't know what his role is even after close to 5 years in Chicago. Some fans would actually say Magee only because of the cap hit.

Opposition Player You Secretly Admire: Kaka, Orlando City. My pick for MVP this year.

Opposition Player You Openly Despise: Sheanon Williams, Philadelphia. Acted like an absolute dick whenever I saw him at Toyota Park the past couple of years. Dom "Selfie" Dwyer is a close second.

Opposing MLS Team You Respect: Los Angeles. Never understood the hate really, you want more teams like that to raise MLS' profile.

Opposing MLS Team You Despise: Seattle. If you have ever talked to a Sounders fan, you'll know why.

Do You Have The Right Owner: No. #hauptmanout

Do You Have The Right Manager: No. The direct approach is only tolerable if you're winning. Yallop hasn't done much of that so far.

What Advice Do You Have For The Manager: Don't be afraid to play youngsters and don't bunker if up 1-0 in the first half.

What Is The One Thing You Would Change At Your Club: #hauptmanout

What Is The One Thing You Would Change In MLS: Stop stroking the egos of the Supporter Groups. Ask Argentina and Italy what happens when you inflate the importance of them. The league can survive without them.

Where Will You Finish: 6th in the East

Who Wins MLS Cup: New England

Will An MLS Team Win The CONCACAF Champions League: LOL, No

How Far Will The United States Go At The Women's World Cup: Semifinals. This will be the tournament which confirms that the rest of the world has caught up, even surpassed the US.

Will The United States Win The Gold Cup: No. Mexico wins, but the United States wins the playoff to go the Confederations Cup

MLS Predictions

1. New England
2. Columbus
3. Toronto
4. D.C.
5. Orlando
6. Chicago
7. New York City
8. New York
9. Philadelphia
10. Montreal

1. Seattle
2. Kansas City
3. Los Angeles
4. Dallas
5. Salt Lake
6. Vancouver
7. Portland
8. San Jose
9. Houston
10: Colorado


Toronto over Chicago
Orlando over D.C.
Los Angeles over Vancouver
Dallas over Salt Lake

New England over Orlando
Toronto over Columbus
Dallas over Seattle
Kansas City over Los Angeles

New England over Toronto
Kansas City over Dallas

MLS Cup: New England over Kansas City

U.S. Open Cup: Seattle over D.C.

Supporter's Shield: New England

Canadian Championship: Toronto over Vancouver

Anyone else want to stick their neck out?
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TWINK Stadium

Best Case Scenario: MLS removes Salary Cap with new CBA, NYCFC buy errbody. Realistically, probably the playoffs

Worst Case Scenario: Lampard never comes or underwhelms when he does, Villa looks washed up, Mix was overhyped and doesn't perform, and the rest of the team is crap mls fodder and they tumble to a very low finish

Fan Favorite: Either Mix or David Villa. Not sure who is more known to the average US soccer fan, but both have huge star power (And I've always liked Villa)

Young Player To Look Out For On Your Team: Besides Mix, probably Tony Taylor or the Mullins guy. Both could put in good performances at Forward.
Player You Would Like To Drive To Another Club: Who knows, I'm sure one will come in time.

Opposition Player You Secretly Admire: Giovinco from Toronto. Excited to see what he'll do.

Opposition Player You Openly Despise: I also hate Dom Dwyer, a guy who wouldn't hold a Championship player's jockstring is an MLS star? Nah b. Plus he wifed up Leroux.

Opposing MLS Team You Respect: Orlando City, actually. Kinda my second team as a Floridian

Opposing MLS Team You Despise: NYRB, for obvious reasons

Do You Have The Right Owner: Yeah, this team wouldn't exist without them. I trust them at Manchester and I trust them here.

Do You Have The Right Manager: Almost assuredly, Kreis is one of the best American coaches there is.

What Advice Do You Have For The Manager: No pressure, I think. Even if the team doesn't work out this year over time the youth system should start churning out talent.

What Is The One Thing You Would Change At Your Club: Moar Man City youth

What Is The One Thing You Would Change In MLS: MORE DPs, like 5 per team please. Too many lolpoors in this league.

Where Will You Finish: How many teams per conference? Lets say 5th in the east, I think that's the last playoff spot

Who Wins MLS Cup: LA?

Will An MLS Team Win The CONCACAF Champions League: No reason to think one will

How Far Will The United States Go At The Women's World Cup: I don't follow too much so we winning it all babby

Will The United States Win The Gold Cup: Depends which Mexico shows up