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Madden CPU vs CPU

Discussion in 'Madden Discussion' started by Gooksta, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Gooksta

    Gooksta Well-Known Member

    so i have kinda become obsessed with game planning part of madden
    they have like 30 plays for situations
    1st down
    2nd short
    2nd med
    2nd long
    3rd short
    3rd med
    3rd long
    4th short
    4th med
    4th long
    hail mary
    inside the five
    goalline pass
    2 min offense
    run out the the clock

    so your playbook has 500 plays
    but playing madden in franchise, if you played long enough you can just beat the cpu with stick skills,, not a challenge.. challenge is loading your playbook and let the cpu run your plays
    the challenge is setting up the playcalling to be balanced so the opposing team cant adjust to your gameplan and shut your offense down
    if you try to run too much, defense shuts down the run. run slants too much on 2nd and med. they adjust and shut it down, have too many vertical plays calls on 3rd and long, INT city
    trick is finding certain plays that open up other plays.

    example play i really like out of certain formation for a cetain down and distance - worked for a bit but after a game or 2, the play got shut down every time it was called. so had to implement like 3 other plays from the same formation to open it back up
    each play has a 5 star rating. the higher the star rating - the more likely it is to be called - so balancing run vs pass vs inside run to outside run to short vs long or med pass plays is pretty challenging
    then balancing all the plays with different formations..

    NERD ALERT!!!!!
  2. Irishman

    Irishman Administrative Fäggot


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