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Madden 25 PS4 Teamplay League

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So Teamplay on PS4 is pretty borked with no communities, records, etc.

To remedy this, my brother, cousins, friends, and I hope to establish something of an online teamplay league.

Would you and your closest team playing friends be interested?
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Why did the Dog and Pony show get clean out of hand? Why did Coon-boy shoot the Mare/Mayor? Why is this kid standing in a airplane cockpit attached to a bus chassis? What sort of father would take his son to see something that was obviously created by a Redneck, and therefore defended with the castle doctrine/2nd amendment rights? Why was Mr. Wolf smoking Opium?

There are so many questions to be answered.


Douglass Tagg
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Didn't even listen to the song, did you? Why would someone post a video that is more than half credits/blank screen if it wasn't to show you that the music was the real focal point.