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Madden 15 - Real Impressions and reviews from around the web


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Not that fake shit from the worthless no principle having clowns that write reviews for OS or any of the big sites. I'll update this as I see them. Feel free to find and post your own!

The first one comes from Metacritic (a ton will come from here I'd wager)

Aug 27, 2014
Madden 15 adds a new coat of paint on a wall that's been painted over numerous times. Seriously the games nothing more than slightly updated graphics, reorganized menus, remapped controls and one or two experimental additions that do nothing to break up the monotony. I am so beyond frustrated with the repetition in this game and I'm the idiot who keeps buying it yearly. This game desperately needs competition to inspire change as it's clear EA has zero intentions of truly improving on this series.
Madden 15 has an 82 on the fake review scale but a 6.4 actual rating. We'll see how that user review changes as the year goes on.


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Aug 26, 2014
Same Choppy game every year. Feels like you're just playing Madden 09 with better graphics and updated rosters. I don't need to see players on the ground after the tackle sit to wait for their teammates to pick them up, and I certainly don't need to see a next gen game where people are still walking through each others bodies like it's nothing. I don't like the new features; no matter what they do they won't get rid of the stiffness the game suffers from when you play


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Xxplayer1979xX with that real talk

Aug 27, 2014
Does EA realized they are ripping people on this game? It is identical to madden 25. The only reason i bought it is because i play online ONLY, but for others who plays franchise mode must be more disappointed than me. Crazy, but $60 for a new cd and cover.


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Aug 27, 2014
Playing Defense on the PlayStation 4 version of Madden 15 is really unsatisfying. Rushing the passer is limited to pressing a button when an icon appears on the screen. Since playing coverage isn't fun, playing defense boils down to just cheering on your AI characters while waiting to play offense again. You don't feel in control of the action. The changes made this year on defense were definitely for the worse.
Offense is more fun, but you still don't feel in control, especially running the ball. Running just feels weighted and slow, and you will hardly EVER see a big play come out of the running game. Passing is decent, but i remember it being more fun on the older PS3 versions of the game.
Graphically this game is a joke and EA should be ashamed at their failure. They must have the worlds worst character artists. All the players have same blocky-glued on jersey look. It's really disappointing because this game is on PS4.
The modes are similar to previous years, In connected franchise you can play as a player, coach or owner. But the frequency of injuries (especially to your stars) becomes very annoying. I swear every other game it seemed at least one of the star players would get an 8-11 week injury.
Ultimate team is a thing again, and their is a new gauntlet mode to keep your mind off how terrible an idea it was to pre-order this.
Do not buy this game.


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Aug 28, 2014
Same game. Players still move like they are on skates. Defensive players react 10x faster than offensive players. The deep ball has been removed completely from the game. DE's play like corners. Animations are still somewhat canned. I get the focus on defense, but its just too much. Also 10 games in and not a single pass interference or defensive holding? (Not that I love penalties, but that is part of the game now.) It just seems like the same crap over and over. Disappointed


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lol, I laugh at so many stupid people. These games have been the same since about 2005. Sadly it takes people 10 years to understand.


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"Same game. Players still move like they are on skates. Defensive players react 10x faster than offensive players. The deep ball has been removed completely from the game. DE's play like corners. Animations are still somewhat canned. I get the focus on defense, but its just too much. Also 10 games in and not a single pass interference or defensive holding? (Not that I love penalties, but that is part of the game now.) It just seems like the same crap over and over. Disappointed"

Seen this before. I give EA 3 weeks before they cater to the trogs that can't run 4 Verts and curls every play and make the defense incompetent.


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Another fumble by EA
By Amazon Addicton August 30, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 4Edition: Standard
No company has ever done more to destroy the fun of video game football than Electronic Arts. The worst thing the NFL ever did was give EA exclusive rights to the NFL. Other companies can and have made far better football games, which is why it's no surprise EA had to buy their way to supremacy in the market in the first place. The Madden series has been in a coma for years and this game while at first gives you hope that it has finally shown some life, you quickly realize it's a false hope.

The graphics are good as expected from a next gen game but they are FAR from spectacular and leave you thinking they should be much better than what they are. The presentation is one of the brighter spots of the game, especially when comparing to other Maddens of the past decade. I won't bore you with all the details that other reviewers have shared but again I have no complaints with the presentation.

Gameplay is where it all goes south for Madden. The physics of the game are downright AWFUL. EA should hire an outside company to rebuild their physics engine from the ground up because it's painfully obvious that nobody at EA has a clue how to do so. Player movements are unnatural and wonky. It doesn't matter how much content you have or how realistic your players look if they don't move and feel like real players. Bad physics translate to bad sports games EVERYTIME!! EA's motto is "If it's in the game it's in the game". Well after 20 online matches I have yet to see one penalty in a game for ANYTHING. Not a hold, not a false start, and not a pass interference. Of course there are turnovers and an abundance of them. In one online match there were 12 turnovers between my opponents and I. Of course some of that is due to the way we play but many of the interceptions were by a defender who was clearly out of position yet had the ability to reach back in the opposite direction with one hand and make the pick. Fumbles pop up way too frequently as well. Again all this taking place with ZERO penalties. I have read many pro reviews raving about the defensive improvements...well having go go gadget arms that can intercept passes from 3 feet behind the defender hardly seems like an improvement to me. The defensive power moves are OK they seem to work ok if you time the snap well so I guess you could call that part of the defense an improvement but it certainly doesn't feel like anything revolutionary. After two decades of making video game football you would think EA could figure these things out by now.

Another bright spot of the game is online matchmaking. I haven't had any issues getting into a match and no dropped games so I have to give credit where credit is due. I wish there were more area's I could speak highly of but I just can't.

If you are considering wasting $50-$60 bucks on this game I would warn you that is probably exactly what you will be doing is wasting it. Do yourself a favor and get a Gamefly account and give it a rent. I know Madden has it's fans and always will if it's the only flavor offered. If McDonalds was the only burger joint in town it still wouldn't make it a great burger, just the only burger, so people would buy it and praise it. I have read many reviews praising this game but what are they comparing it too.....other Maddens. Gamers like it because it's all they have to choose from. It's time the NFL do right by it's fans and open the rights to other game studios. Competition is good for the market, maybe it would force EA to actually work at making a quality football game again. My feeling is they would be out of the market very quickly. Every year I keep hoping this is the year that Madden is fun again but it isn't this year.

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By Jer Orneron August 28, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 4Edition: Standard
Looks ok compared to a ps3 that's one star. I gave it another star just because it is a little improvement from the last madden game I bought. Typical EA sports with their half a**ed games. Why even include a booth review it's wrong more times than its right and just screws me over anyway cuz it almost never goes my way. The computer runs at will and I have time getting 2 yards because my line just stands there like, instead of blocking they jump in front of me at the last second. And since when does a linebacker run down a WR. Save your money this game is horrible
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Hah, the reach back 360 degree one handed interception is still in these games? Lol


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I couldn't even tell what he was jumping over until I read your post and looked really closely.

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By ImAKing1982on August 31, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 4Edition: Standard
Horrible physics, scripted outcomes, unrealistic gameplay and a whole host of bugs and glitches. If Madden 15 is considered a step forward for EA, I would hate to see what a step back for them would be. This game is far from sim, and slants the outcome of games by manipulating the AI and player ratings. My biggest regret was wasting my hard earned cash on this turd in plastic wrap. There are no redeemable qualities that I can even think of. Well, I take that back, the graphics can look pretty good, until you start playing and witness the player models falling over each other like lifeless crash dummies.
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Still bad.
By Samuel Dahlinon September 1, 2014
Platform for Display: PlayStation 4Edition: Standard
Still impossible to predict accurately how to attack defenses, mostly because the CPU takes perfect tackling angles and still can make INTs with out looking at the ball. I don't understand how the game can still regress in areas, and some features from last years game that were welcomed were toned way down or forgotten. You can't bulldoze through arm tackles with AP like you should be able to, the defenders easily wrap you up with arm tackles making it difficult to Impossible to gain yards unless there is a gaping hole. Even yet, if you face a OLB and call a stretch play? or screen pass they sniff it out easily no matter how you disguise it. There a a few good things though, Passing looks and feels better when it works, and the graphics are tremendous. Oh, also get rid of the players celebrating after EVERYTHING they do. Why you'd they celebrate a 6 yard gain on 1st down?, or after gaining 1 yard as a RB. Still a very poorly executed game, very disappointed in this series as of late. There should be a 3 year development cycle for them, with a different dev making one every 3 years but they'll still have a new one out each year, that's the only way a GREAT NFL game will be produced. One year is to little time to add new features and produce a game on time without it being super lackluster.
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I also would like to post this slightly ridiculous still pic from Madden from OS