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joshuahuskers' Wisconsin State Porcupines


Utopia Football League

Program History
All-Time Record: 306-125
Big Ten Championships: 9 (2019, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2028, 2029, 2034, 2037, 2040)
National Championships: 2 (2028, 2040)

Record by Season
FBS Independent
The Shawn Watson Era (2 years, 0-24)
2009: 0-12
2010: 0-12
The Chad Glasgow Era (4 years, 24-27)
2011: 2-10
2012: 8-5 (Insight Bowl Win vs. Baylor)
2013: 7-6 (Eagle Bank Bowl Win vs. Toledo)
2014: 7-6 (Independence Bowl Win vs. Texas A&M)
The Scott Frost Era (23 years, 236-64)
2015: 4-8
2016: 12-1 (Armed Forces Bowl Win vs. Air Force | 8th Coaches, 9th AP)
2017: 10-3 (Orange Bowl Loss vs. Florida State | 8th Coaches, 7th AP)
Big Ten Conference
2018: 10-3 (5-3, 4th Big Ten | Outback Bowl Win vs. Arkansas | 9th Coaches, 9th AP)
2019: 12-1 (8-0, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | BCSNCG Loss vs. Notre Dame | 4th Coaches, 3rd AP)
2020: 11-2 (6-2, 4th Big Ten | Champs Sports Bowl Win vs. Miami | 10th Coaches, 10th AP)
2021: 11-2 (7-1, 2nd Big Ten | Sugar Bowl Win vs. TCU | 4th Coaches, 3rd AP)
2022: 11-2 (6-2, 3rd Big Ten | Outback Bowl Win vs. Auburn | 10th Coaches, 10th AP)
2023: 9-4 (6-2, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl Loss vs. USC | 21st Coaches, 22nd AP)
2024: 11-2 (6-2, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl Win vs. USC | 5th Coaches, 3rd AP)
2025: 10-3 (6-2, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl Win vs. USC | 10th Coaches, 7th AP)
2026: 11-2 (7-1, 3rd Big Ten | Capital One Bowl Win vs. LSU | 11th Coaches, 11th AP)
2027: 12-1 (7-1, 2nd Big Ten | Orange Bowl Win vs. Cincinnati | 5th Coaches, 5th AP)
2028: 13-0 (8-0, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS, BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS | BCSNCG Win vs. Alabama | 1st Coaches, 1st AP)
2029: 11-2 (7-1, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl Win vs. USC | 10th Coaches, 8th AP)
2030: 10-3 (7-2, 2nd Big Ten West | Capital One Bowl Win vs. Arkansas | 18th Coaches, 16th AP)
2031: 10-3 (7-2, 2nd Big Ten West | Rose Bowl Win vs. Nevada | 4th Coaches, 4th AP)
2032: 10-3 (7-2, 2nd Big Ten West | Capital One Bowl Loss vs. LSU | 11th Coaches, 13th AP)
2033: 8-5 (5-4, 4th Big Ten West | Ticket City Bowl Win vs. Northern Illinois | NR Coaches, 25th AP)
2034: 12-2 (7-2, 1st Big Ten West, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl Win vs. Arizona State | 5th Coaches, 2nd AP)
2035: 8-5 (4-5, 5th Big Ten West | Ticket City Bowl Win vs. Tulsa | NR Coaches, NR AP)
2036: 9-4 (6-3, 3rd Big Ten West | Gator Bowl Win vs. Tennessee | 20th Coaches, 20th AP)
2037: 11-3 (8-1, 1st Big Ten West, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl Win vs. Utah (6th Coaches, 3rd AP)
The James Brutus Era (4 Years, 46-10)
2038: 12-2 (8-1, 1st Big Ten Leaders | Fiesta Bowl Win vs. SMU | 6th Coaches, 6th AP)
2039: 9-4 (6-3, 2nd Big Ten Leaders | Rose Bowl Loss vs. Stanford | 16th coaches, 16th AP)
2040: 14-1 (8-1, 1st Big Ten West, BIG TEN CHAMPIONS, CFP NATIONAL CHAMPIONS | Rose Bowl (CFP Semifinal) Win vs. Tennessee; CFPNCG Win vs. Oklahoma (1st Coaches, 1st AP)
2041: 11-3 (8-1, 1st Big Ten West | Rose Bowl Win vs. Washington (9th Coaches', 7th AP)

National Champions
2009: Florida (14-0)
2010: Ole Miss (13-1)
2011: Notre Dame (12-1)
2012: Ohio State (13-0)
2013: Tennessee (13-1)
2014: Florida (14-0)
2015: Florida State (13-1)
2016: Virginia Tech (13-1)
2017: Texas (13-1)
2018: Alabama (13-1)
2019: Notre Dame (13-0)
2020: Cincinnati (13-0)
2021: Alabama (14-0)
2022: Texas (14-0)
2023: Alabama (14-0)
2024: Alabama (14-0)
2025: Notre Dame (13-0)
2026: USC (13-0)
2027: TCU (13-0)
2028: Wisconsin State (13-0)
2029: Texas (14-0)
2030: Oklahoma (12-2)
2031: Oregon (14-0)
2032: Wisconsin (13-1)
2033: Florida State (14-0)
2034: Houston (13-1)
2035: Michigan State (13-0)
2036: Washington (14-0)
2037: USC (10-2)
2038: Oregon (11-1)
2039: UCF (13-0)
2040: Wisconsin State (14-1)
2041: LSU (15-0)

Most National Championships
Alabama - 4
Notre Dame - 3
Texas - 3
Florida - 2
Florida State - 2
USC - 2
Oregon - 2
Wisconsin State - 2
Ole Miss - 1
Ohio State - 1
Tennessee - 1
Virginia Tech - 1
Cincinnati - 1
TCU - 1
Oklahoma - 1
Wisconsin - 1
Houston - 1
Michigan State - 1
Washington - 1
UCF - 1
LSU -1

Cheese State Showdown (Wisconsin State Leads 20-13)
2009: Wisconsin 42, Wisconsin State 14 (Kenosha)
2010: Wisconsin 42, Wisconsin State 17 (Madison)
2011: #8 Wisconsin 49, Wisconsin State 0 (Kenosha)
2012: Wisconsin State 10, #19 Wisconsin 7 (Madison)
2013: Wisconsin State 31, Wisconsin (Kenosha)
2014: Wisconsin 59, Wisconsin State 36 (Madison)
2015: #3 Wisconsin 35, Wisconsin State 23 (Kenosha)
2016: Wisconsin State 28, #8 Wisconsin 24 (Madison)
2017: #8 Wisconsin State 28, #2 Wisconsin 14 (Kenosha)
2018: #6 Wisconsin 54, #14 Wisconsin State 20 (Kenosha)
2019: #1 Wisconsin State 17, #6 Wisconsin 13 (Madison)
2020: #3 Wisconsin 31, #6 Wisconsin State 14 (Madison)
2021: Wisconsin State 38, #6 Wisconsin 7 (Madison)
2022: #10 Wisconsin State 10, Wisconsin 15 (Kenosha)
2023: #7 Wisconsin State 34, #6 Wisconsin 14 (Madison)
2024: Wisconsin 24, #3 Wisconsin State 21 (Kenosha)
2025: #13 Wisconsin State 41, #9 Wisconsin 13 (Madison)
2026: #11 Wisconsin State 56, Wisconsin 0 (Kenosha)
2027: #3 Wisconsin State 30, Wisconsin 27 (OT) (Madison)
2028: #3 Wisconsin State 24, Wisconsin 14 (Kenosha)
2029: #7 Wisconsin State 42, Wisconsin 0 (Madison)
2030: Wisconsin State 23, #7 Wisconsin 6 (Kenosha)
2031: #19 Wisconsin 49, #15 Wisconsin State 35 (Madison)
2032: #2 Wisconsin 10, #6 Wisconsin State 9 (Madison)
2033: Wisconsin State 77, Wisconsin 17 (Kenosha)
2034: #15 Wisconsin State 34, Wisconsin 24 (Madison)
2035: #9 Wisconsin 42, Wisconsin State 28 (Kenosha)
2036: #10 Wisconsin 21, #17 Wisconsin State 13 (Madison)
2037: Wisconsin State 34, #1 Wisconsin 31 (OT) (Kenosha)
2038: #34 Wisconsin State 27, #13 Wisconsin 20 (Madison)
2039: #15 Wisconsin State 17, #3 Wisconsin 10 (Kenosha)
2040: Wisconsin 31, #2 Wisconsin State 24 (Madison)
2041: #11 Wisconsin State 23, Wisconsin 17 (Kenosha)
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Utopia Football League
Probably not. I've played 31 seasons, from NCAA 10 on. Many were documented on the old board (not sure if you were around then), but unfortunately have been lost forever. As to say, the posts on the message board are gone - I have an excel file with the details of each season saved on my lap top.

I recently started playing NCAA 13 again for the first time in about 3 years, just bought NCAA 14 off ebay for 30 bucks, so I'm working on transferring everything over to NCAA 14.

Thanks for checkin in.


Utopia Football League

OUT (dropping to FCS): UAB, UMass, New Mexico State, Middle Tennessee, UNLV, Idaho
IN: Wisconsin State, Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Charlotte, North Dakota State, Coastal Carolina


Boston College
Florida State
NC State
Wake Forest

Georgia Tech
North Carolina
Virginia Tech


Big 12
Boise State
Iowa State
Kansas State
North Dakota State
West Virginia

Oklahoma State
Texas Tech

Big Ten
Wisconsin State

Michigan State
Ohio State
Penn State

Old Dominion
Western Kentucky

Louisiana Tech
North Texas
Southern Miss

Notre Dame

Bowling Green
Kent State
Miami (OH)

Ball State
Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Northern Illinois
Western Michigan

Mountain West
Air Force
Colorado State
Fresno State
New Mexico
San Diego State
San Jose State
Utah State

Oregon State
Washington State

Arizona State

South Carolina

Mississippi State
Ole Miss
Texas A&M

Sun Belt
Appalachian State
Arkansas State
Coastal Carolina
Georgia Southern
Georgia State
South Alabama
Texas state
UL Lafayette
UL Monroe


Utopia Football League
2040 Wisconsin State Football Schedule
Sept. 7 California 3:00 PM
Sept. 14 @ North Dakota State 12:30 PM
Sept. 21 Coastal Carolina 12:30 PM
Sept. 28 @ Penn State 6:00 PM
Oct. 5 @ Minnesota 1:00 PM
Oct. 19 Nebraska 3:30 PM
Oct. 26 Indiana 1:00 PM
Nov. 2 Oklahoma 3:30 PM
Nov. 9 Illinois 8:00 PM
Nov. 16 @ Iowa 3:30 PM
Nov. 23 Northwestern 12:30 PM
Nov. 30 @ Wisconsin 6:00 PM


Utopia Football League
I really, really like this schedule. On paper, I am better than everyone, other than Oklahoma, which is a push. That game is at home. And we get 5 conference home games vs. 4 away. Only pre-season ranked teams are #3 Oklahoma and #17 Iowa.


Utopia Football League
Well I got disappointed when I found out you couldn't mod the game for a playoff when you are using a team builder team, so I kinda took a break from this and started a Nebraska dynasty so I could do a playoff mod.

I don't think I can give up on the Porcs though - this is my baby that's been around since 2009. At this point, I figure there are two options: 1) continue with the BCS set up or 2) create the top 4 teams each year in team builder and play them playoff in play now mode and disregard the NC the game spits out (unless #1 and #2 make the title game).

Either way, this will go on, but I will probably still play my Nebraska dynasty on the side too.

At any rate, i beat North Dakota state before the hiatus. I also settled on the OS community sliders.



Utopia Football League
It's back. I've set this up with the same conference alignment as my Nebraska dynasty (which I may still dabble with), except we are in the Big Ten and Notre dame is an independent.


Utopia Football League
I restarted 2040 for a few reasons. Schedule:

Coastal Carolina
North Dakota State
Michigan State
@ Ohio State


Utopia Football League

Wisconsin State LB Kyle Paris scores on a pick-six in the 4th quarter to put the Porcs up 31-3 and slam the door on the Bison

I thought this game would be another 70-6 type beat down ala CCU. Not the case, though two red zone interceptions and a missed field goal didn't help. The game was never in doubt, but it just wasn't that bad of a blow out.

#2 Oklahoma comes to town next!

For what it's worth, I think I am going to try to do a playoff through roster edits and/or teambuilder, and play the games in play now. If the right teams win, I'll play the title game in the dynasty, otherwise I will ply that game in play now as well. It's a little more work, and stats, etc won't save perfectly, but that's why I keep my own stats. The editor makes updating rosters not too bad either.


Utopia Football League

Richard Wallace hauls in a 66 yard TD pass from Ryan Inman just before half to put Wisconsin State up 21-3 over #2 Oklahoma

I can't believe we dominated that game like this. The ratings for the teams on every category (OFF, DEF, OVR) were dead even. These sliders have given me challenging results in the past, so I am going to chalk this one up to one of those days where everything goes your way.

The first half was pretty competitive, but the 66 yard score pictured above when I wasn't really trying hard to score (let the clock run down before that bomb on 3rd & 13, was content up 14-3 at half) I think really did Oklahoma in.

We should be favored in the rest of our regular season games, starting with Purdue next.
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Utopia Football League

Wisconsin State QB Ryan Inman throws a defender to the ground on his way to a 45 yard touchdown in the first quarter of the 38-28 win over Purdue

One week, we are dominating #2 Oklahoma, the next I'm getting nervous when Purdue is recovering an onside kick down 10 in the 4th quarter. Sounds about right for college football. They actually twice cut it to 10 in the 4th. I pulled away a bit in the 3rd after after a very competitive first half, but they didn't go away.
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Utopia Football League

Adam Fisher pulls down an interception late in the 4th quarter to put the game on ice

We out lasted #4 Michigan State in an unseasonably early snow storm (October 5). The game was closer than the final score. We trailed for the first time all season, and went to half down 17-14. Michigan State also missed a field goal in the third quarter that would have pushed it to 20-14.

Virtual Mark Dantonio made an interesting call late in the game. Down 28-17 with 5 and change to play, he elected to go for it on 4th & 7 from our 23. I would have kicked the field goal, but maybe he was thinking about the earlier Miss. they ended up getting the ball back with just over 2:00 to play, wishing they were down 8 instead of 11, but the interception above sealed the deal.

Next up...3rd top 5 opponent in 4 weeks. Also the first road game of the year.

September 21, #2 Oklahoma, Win 28-6
October 5, #4 Michigan State, Win 28-17
October 12 @ #2 Ohio State, ?????


Utopia Football League

Kevin McFadden boots a 22 yard field goal as time expires to win the game

Truly challenged for the first time all year. Blew an 11 point lead and trailed in the 4th quarter. Rallied for the win. We are undefeated and beat 3 top 5 teams, but we are #7 (this happens when you start the season ranked in Minnesotas spot).


Utopia Football League

Michael Morris lays out for a first down grab on 3rd & 10 early in the 2nd half. The reception kept the eventual touchdown drive, which out Wisconsin State up for good at 17-14, alive

Forgot to snap players of the game. Sorry (if anyone cares). Weird game. Lost the turnover battle 0-3, including a red zone pick and a fumble in our own territory that led to a touchdown. We also muffed the opening kick off of the 2nd half (I've never seen that happen before, maybe I moved the guy too early) and fell on it on our own 1. Drove 99 yards to go up 17-14 and didn't look back.


Utopia Football League
Just a few thoughts and a little announcement...

Those of you who have followed this dynasty since the "glory days" of the dynasty section (this thing started the summer of 2009 with NCAA 10 - can't believe It's 8 years old). Know that I strive for realism. I don't want to have success too easily. I think I've achieved that so far. We went 0-12 not only in the first year, but the second as well. We went from three straight winning seasons to 4-8 after a coaching change. We've won 1 national title in 30 seasons.

Having said that, I feel like this 7-0 start has come a little too easy. Yes, this is an elite team we have, but beating Oklahoma, Michigan State and Ohio state like we did...I don't know, it felt a little cheap. I think the biggest reason why is the spread option offense is over powered in NCAA 14. I've gotten great results with my slider set in other dynasties running more traditional offenses, but the option is easy to run in this game. Kinda makes me sad because the spread option has become the identity of the Wisconsin State Football program. I'd hate to have to move away from it for this reason, so I'm implementing the following house rules for realism. I'll follow these the rest of the season, and make a call what to do after the season is over:

Defense: I will play "coach mode" (no controlling my players until:
-run play: the ball carrier has crossed the line of scrimmage (exception: if opponent is inside my 5 yard line).
-pass play: the earlier of a "3 Mississippi" count after the ball is snapped OR the pass is thrown.

My hope is these rules allow the CPU to be a little more effective on offense, hopefully making up for some of the extra points I'll score due to my scheme

Offense: I will limit my play calling to one zone read/read option type play per drive. This play has become a "money" bail out play for me. No more. One per Drive. Use it wisely. This will also probably put me into more passing situations, which will help balance out play calling too. Other designed QB runs are still ok.
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Utopia Football League
So the biggest game in the Big Ten West this year? May be my next game, the first of four straight on the road, at #23 Minnesota. The Gophers are 6-1, but more importantly, 4-0 in the conference. They've beaten Michigan and Iowa. We're also 4-0 in the conference, also with a win over Iowa (who is 3-2 in the league). With all due respect to Wisconsin, who is 3-2 but has yet to play Wisconsin State or Minnesota, this game could be for the division. Unexpectedly big game coming up. This will also be our 4th straight ranked opponent, and 5th in 6 weeks. We are up to #3 in the polls.


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I've had to step away from the spread option offense as well, the engine just can't handle it IMO. I've lost my last two games by going to a traditional TO offense, the sliders I'm using are getting me crushed (as I should be).


Utopia Football League
I've had to step away from the spread option offense as well, the engine just can't handle it IMO. I've lost my last two games by going to a traditional TO offense, the sliders I'm using are getting me crushed (as I should be).
Yeah, we will see how these house rules change outcomes. We straight up dominated Oklahoma and it should not have happened. The Ohio State game was the only one I thought there was a legit chance to lose after the half.

I'm hoping the CPU will stay in the game longer, but if it proves that there's still no competition, our entire coaching staff is probably going to the NFL :)


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Yeah, we will see how these house rules change outcomes. We straight up dominated Oklahoma and it should not have happened. The Ohio State game was the only one I thought there was a legit chance to lose after the half.

I'm hoping the CPU will stay in the game longer, but if it proves that there's still no competition, our entire coaching staff is probably going to the NFL :)
I do the same thing on defense, I use ask coach, and I only use the defensive line and don't switch after the snap.


Utopia Football League

LB Eric Paris sacks Heisman contender Mitch Leidner in the first quarter

Minnesota isnt a good team (79 OVR vs my 93), so I didn't expect a real close game. Still, this was very much a game at halftime, and I didn't feel like I could score at will like I have in other games. Their RB went for over 100 yards, which is nice to see out of the CPU. Honestly no one other than Wisconsin left on the regular season schedule has the talent to hang with us (famous last words), but there's still a potential big ten title game and bowl game to go.


Utopia Football League
Also - I'm going to try something a little different. I've created a twitter account that will run parallel to the dynasty here. No one will probably follow, but I thought it'd be a cool, different idea. It'll tweet from the perspective of the "official" Wisconsin State Football account. If you're interested, you can follow @WiscStFootball on twitter.


Utopia Football League

I live tweeted the game. Check out @WiscStFootball on twitter to read how it went down, and check out a few videos of the action!


Utopia Football League
Minnesota knocks off Michigan State, giving Ohio State the Big Ten East, and setting up a rematch of our most competitive game in Indy.


Utopia Football League
Pre CCG BCS is:

1. Wisconsin State (12-0)
2. Miami (12-0)
3. Southern Miss (12-0)
4. Tennessee (11-1)
5. Clemson (11-1)
6. Notre Dame (10-2)
7. Oklahoma (10-2)
8. Ohio State (10-2)
9. Alabama (9-3)
10. Louisville (10-2)
11. Ole Miss (11-1)

Ole Miss was #1 for most of the season, then a late non con loss to Northwestern dropped them off the face of the earth.

Conference title games:

Big Ten: #8 Ohio State vs. #1 Wisconsin State
SEC: #11 Ole Miss vs. #4 Tennessee
PAC 12: #17 Washington vs. #18 Utah
ACC: #5 Clemson vs. #2 Miami
Big 12: #20 Baylor vs. #7 Oklahoma


Utopia Football League
So, Uh, someone on OS figured out how to make the DB editor work with TeamBuilder teams.

This dynasty is back on, WITH the playoffs!!!!


Utopia Football League
I may have to start over, as it looks like having many teambuilder teams in the dynasty causes problems with the editor in later weeks. I have 6-7 teambuilder teams, but I'm willing to drop that back to just Wisconsin State if I can get the playoff to work. Probably need to go with harder sliders from the get-go, anyway.


Utopia Football League
Here’s our schedule. Already beat Eastern Michigan 41-16.

Eastern Michigan, W 41-16
@ Penn State
@ Michigan State

First half of the conference schedule is brutal.