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Okay guys, getting a PS3 this week. I have been looking at NCAA 14. Hard to find and if found, a little expensive. I am leaning towards 12 or 13. Many sites like 12 better than 13. I love the custom conferences. I have been playing 06 on PS2 forever. I like the 05 controller settings. So, which one should I get based on gameplay, graphics, controls, and budget? Many thanks.
I'd say something like 2013. They games prior to ncaa 14 had issues with route mirroring. Like linebackers mirroring Wr and ratings being negated. 13 had that issue as well but I think less than 12. If you dont pass a lot maybe 12. It's hard for me to remember tbh. 2014 is the best ncaa ever made gameplay wise imo.
13 is fun. It has the custom conferences, more so than 12, which I think just had the option of swapping one team for another, but not changing the sizes of the conferences.