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How do you determine your base personnel?

Do you choose it based on your offensive system or is based on your best 11 guys?
Do you fit your offense to your players or players to the offense?

Also, if your choosing based on best players what if you have for example a 85 FB who is better then your slot receiver (79 overall). The fullback is a much better player but also less explosive and possible less valuable overall? Is there like a weight where receiver might be worth more then backs?

This can be answered in video games terms or real life football but both would be the best. I have my thoughts on how I think it should be done but would like to hear other opinions. Thanks


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I always base my offense and defense on who I have to play with. I like to run 'smashmouth spread' style stuff, so my tight end tends to function as a fullback, but in cases where I have an actual talented fullback (as I do in one dynasty) I'll move him around from hb to TE depending on formation and skillset.

My defenses have tended toward 3-3-5 and 3-4 because that's what I find most malleable and effective.

I try to set my offensive playbook up based on the best combination of talent at skill positions, though if it's between a #3 WR that's 83 OVR and a #1FB that's 84, I'm probably going to lean to 11 personnel rather than 12. Depends on your philosophy and what you want to do overall. If I ever had two really talented tightends I might run a 20 personnel smashmouth spread.

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