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SMALL BALLERS GON LOOK FSU - Taggart Train ...Do Something


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Fever Dream alert!

The first song on the outdoor practice field was “Simple Man,” by Lynyrd Skynyrd (you know Willie, he’s all about being lethally simple).

The last song played was DMX.

And in the middle was a wide array of song choices – everything from Imagine Dragons to Jay Z to Guns N Roses.

During the water break in between the two halves of practice, dozens of players started dancing like they were at a house party. I mean, it was a sight to behold. They were bouncing around like they were in the club on a Friday night.

Can you even imagine a scenario, outside of a nightmare or fever dream, in which Jimbo Fisher would have allowed any of this?
There would be zero chance of that happening on his watch.

Just like there’s absolutely zero chance Fisher would have raced down field like Taggart did on Wednesday to chest bump Tamorrion Terry after the wide receiver made a great catch on a deep ball near the end of practice.

Mainly because Fisher would’ve been confused as to how an underclassmen receiver actually caught a pass in his offense.
Man I hope twitter corch gets to play jimbo in a bowl this year
If Jimbo brings his 1995 offense to A&M. It will be a struggle for them to become bowl eligible. The first couple years under his offense at FSU was really bad in the mid 2000s until he recruited the guys for his system. And ironically his last couple years with top 5 classes was also terrible. Hard to believe outside of Dalvin Cook. We havent had anybody drafted on offense since the 2014 team.


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Besides vying for spots on the depth chart, Nos. 1-9 on the roster are also up for grabs. Akers, who wore No. 4 last season, was wearing No. 23 on Wednesday.

Even though Akers rushed for 1,025 yards and seven touchdowns last season, Taggart said the players have to earn their numbers back, which Akers said he liked.

"I know when I was growing up, the single digits went to the dudes. That's kind of how we want it," Taggart said. "Not everyone can be a single digit. Getting it is being one of the best."

FSU fans jerking off to this on Reddit
Been so long since seeing an FSU team consistently snap the ball with 25 seconds left on the play clock.
Not much to gain from the scrimmage. A lot of the o-line was out. Only 2 QBs. Looks like we had some kind of tackle rule on WRs due to lack of depth there as well. I thought Hockman looked better than Blackman.
I think he is mad his team has all this NFL talent and has gone 1-7 vs the Noles. And the 3rd guy they have brought in to fix the situation looks like Cousin Eddie and not killing it on the crootin trail right now.
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