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Frozen Four


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Going to Final on Saturday night. Bought a ticket for $25 below face on StubHub this morning. Cheering for our Notorious B1G brethren in Minnesota.

Would have preferred a Minnesota-BC final.
Once BC didn't score after the 5 minute major, the game was over in my mind... then it actually was over 10 seconds later when they gave away a goal for free pretty much.


Disney and Curling Expert
Gophers really drove the ticket price higher on StubHub.

I bought mine on Wednesday night for $74.50 (face value is $99 for upper bowl, $110 for lower bowl)
Thursday morning it was $70.50

Thursday night after the Union win, it drifted to $85
Friday morning after the Gopher win, it moved to $95
Friday afternoon, it moved further to $110 (back above face value)
Now, it's $175 for a single ticket.

Moral of the story, always buy before the semis take place.
@adchester Do they know how to play defense in Minny. They look awful. Can't clear the zone. Can't put two passes together.
Tbh, I've watched probably half of the gophers games this year and the two games in the Frozen Four are the two worst games I've seen them play so far. Their D isn't the greatest, but it's better than this. Forwards are really underperforming.
The Minnesota High School tournament has better announcers than these guys. You don't need to state what NHL team every single player has been drafted by every time they touch the god damn puck. And stop calling them Minny.
This one really hurts since the gophers played so badly. Nowhere near the level they can and have played at before. Not that Union didn't play great, they did, but the gophers really stunk it up.


Disney and Curling Expert
Gophers looked like shit. However, the view from my seats did not. Not bad for paying $70 on StubHub (Face value was $99)