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[FM19] The Kids From Serravalle


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Flashback to 1993 and England (@hayvis) traveled to the sleepy hamlet of Serravalle in San Marino and just eight seconds into the match this happens

England would go to win the match 7-1 but this moment stands out as the high point of Sammarinese football. I intend to change that. I simulated the 2018-19 season and brought San Marino FC up into the Italian Serie C (the lowest playable division of Italian football). From there, I took over and trying to see how far I can take San Marino with players just from my youth academy and see if one of those academy products can break the all-time goal record of eight (8) goals held by Andy Selva who scored those goals over seventy-four (74) appearances.

Season 1 (2019-20 Serie C/B)

A 13th place finish and we leaked a lot of goals (60) and scored just 29.

Season 2 (2020-21 Serie C/B)

Up one place to 13th. Scored just four more goals but still a poor total of 33 in 38 matches. Allowed sixteen fewer for a much more respectable 44 goals in total.

Season 3 (2021-22 Serie C/B)

A solid season. Strong defensively allowing only 32 goals and scoring 57 goals. Caught fire in the slog of the Italian Serie C playoffs and earned a surprise promotion.

Season 4 (2022-23 Serie B)

A big jump in class from Serie C into Serie B. Back to our season one form where we leaked a lot of goals and didn't score very many. Still did enough to earn a 14th place finish.

Season 5 (2023-24 Serie B)

Treaded water for much of the season and did just enough, again, to avoid promotion.

Current Roster


We bleed money every season. Our current top players are thought highly enough to sell for any amount of money. That should change as Favret wants to leave for a bigger club (none are interested at the moment but he's now under contract through '27) and Moretti has drawn interest from Young Boys and Basel. I expect one or both of them to be sold in the 2024 summer transfer window. They should bring some balance to the books.


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An excel (@Travis7401) look at ma'first team.

Two major things to note: 1) We are very young with an average age below 20 and 2) we are not a very determined squad with an average determination below 10.

The squad, offensively, is built around two players: Favret (the playmaker) and Moretti (the goalscorer). Both are Serie B-level talents. We've got a couple other potential Serie B talents but everyone is hidden in the vaguery of "Improve A Lot"


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Moretti Sold to Aston Villa (@worst2first)

Moretti started to make noise about wanting to move to a bigger club and clubs were interested in his services. So, I told him that I would let him go. His 13 goals led Serie B. As a result, a nice bidding war broke out for his services which was eventually won by Aston Villa.

1.5 million European squiggles are paid up front which just about wipes out the current debts at the club. They 500,000 European squiggles on July 1st in 2025 and 2026 which covers two months worth of staff wages. He makes it in a game and I get another 220,000 European squiggles plus 40% of the profit on a future sale and Villa makes a trip down to San Marino. Not a bad sale.

As an added bonus, I get to keep him on the roster for the rest of the 2024-25 season as the transfer is effective on July 6, 2025.
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Forced sale (Fuck you, Chairman)

Carbone came into the club during the 2024 youth intake and was still on his youth contract since he had not turned 17 yet. Grasshoppers come in with a low ball bid that my board accepts because we are still in debt since we have received the money from Villa for the Moretti transfer.

My long term plan for Carbone was to play him as an attacking right back until a more defense-minded right back came into the club and then move him into the attacking bands. But the board said, "fuck you and your long terms plans. We need the 90,000 European squiggles today!"

Then, a week after the sale, the board injects 625,000 European squiggles into the club to cover running costs. :emo::emo:


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Final 2024-25 Table

We finished the season with the worst defense allowing 68 goals but the scoring of Moretti (league leading 17 goals) was enough to push us to a club high 12th place finish. Spezia and Bologna won the automatic promotion places. Salernitana defeated Chievo in the playoff final for the last slot. The most curious season belonged to Cittadella who finished in 17th place and then lost the playout to Verona. They did all of this despite of positive goal difference. They either won by big margins or lost by one goal. They beat the Juventus U23 team 4-0 on March 29th. That was their last win of the season as they had three draws, three 1-0 losses, a 2-1 loss and a 2-0 loss to tumble into 17th place.

Final Statistics



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2025-26 San Marino First Team

Young, inconsistent but willing to improve is the story of this year's San Marino side. Four potential Serie B players is down one from last year as the goalkeeper Simonici has dropped from potential Serie B to the mystery of "Improve A Lot". The club is a little older and a little more determined which should be a plus.


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wow the generated faces haven't improved at all. Those guys look like total mongs.


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2025-26 Season Review

For the first time in a few seasons, I didn't want the season to end. We finished the season strong and if a couple of the road games went our way toward the end of the season, we would have finished in promotion playoff positions.

11th place and closer to the playoffs than the relegation fight for the first time in Serie B.

Our defense in the first half of the season was a dumpster fire and turning our goalkeeper into a duck at a shooting gallery. The last third of the season, we really started to tighten things up especially at home. We played the last 13 games of the season with a 7-2-4 record including a four-game winning streak.

Bottone has picked up some of the scoring slack from Moretti's sale to Aston Villa. He had his head turned by Young Boys during February and March and his form went to crap. If it wasn't for that two month dry spell, he would have pushed Favret for the team lead in goals. Favret finished 3rd in Serie B with 16 goals. Bottone is signed, now, through 2030 and Favret through 2029. Neither player has minimum fee clauses in their contracts.


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2026 World Cup

You are dead to me Tyler Adams.

Belgium didn't make it to the Round of 32.

UEFA Nations League Qualifying

Two wins and draw is definitely the high point for Sammarinese football

A non-last place group stage finish is a first.

2026-27 Serie B Midway Table

Can we keep this form up in the second half of the season and earn a surprise promotion to Serie A?


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The board accepted this shitty offer. If they didn't go above my head, I could have sold him for 10x that amount. The 40% profit from next sale is nice. I should get some decent coin from that potential sale if it happens.

WE"RE GOING UP! Going to be a tough 2027-28 season in Serie A.


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Maybe you should consider taking another job if the board keep screwing you.
They screwed me because, at the time, the club was 2.5 European squiggles in debt and made the deal to raise cash in the short term. I'm getting over 36 million in Serie A TV money so that should no longer be a problem.

Plus, if I leave, that ruins the save for me. Want to see how far I can push the club on just youth.


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2027-28 Around San Marino

My academy products are finally putting forth some respectable, by San Marino standards, results in European qualifying.

A sweep of Andorra and a win over Armenia. The team also had 1-0 losses to both Armenia and Denmark. We will disregard the combined 12-0 thumping that England gave us (@hayvis) but overall I'm pleased with the results.

A 5th place finish but just one point behind Armenia. I'm excited to see what the team can do in the fall of 2028 during the UEFA Nations League. I'm not expecting San Marino to win their group but I expect them to finish someplace other than last.

Over the summer, I signed the San Marino Academy as an affiliate club with the ability of the academy to send players to my facilities to train and give me the option to sign them to the club. The first intake brought in three such players. I signed all three and two of them went straight into the senior side.

Giacomo Zafferani (center forward - 18 years old)

Zafferani entered the senior team as our best center forward. I'm impressed with his first touch, team work and work rate something that all the players on the squad have been lacking. He'll likely play as a deep lying lone center forward until I have some time to see how I can work him into a two-center forward formation with Bottone and Corbelli.

Giacomo Ceccoli (goalkeeper - 18 years old)

Ceccoli comes into the club as an excellent 1A option behind Albani. I, now, have three decent first-team goalkeepers all of whom should develop if given the proper amount of time playing with the first team. It will be a tough balancing act between development and playing who can get me results.

Interesting note about Zafferini and Ceccoli is that they both entered my youth system as 18 year olds while players who didn't come from the San Marino Academy came in as either 15 or 16 year olds. Something that I watch and see how it impacts their development going forward.


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2027-28 Season Review

A 14th place finish and "winners" of the leakiest defense in the league (BUMS!). At the end of the season, the defense went to complete shit. We allowed six goals in a loss to 6th place Benevento and seven goals in a lost to champions Inter. We didn't have the worst offense in the league. We squeaked out just enough one goals wins to finish above the fray and away from the relegation zone.

Just a whole lot of average here.

Facility Upgrades

We kept a positive bank balance until the end of the season so we were able to go forward with our planned facility upgrades to both the training ground and youth academy.

The board has some ambitious plans to with a new stadium in the works.

Initial plans have the capacity at just under 16k which is nearly triple the current capacity of San Marino Stadium (5,500).

A new uniform sponsor will bring an additional 7.5 million European squiggles over the next five years compared to a our previous deal which was signed when we were in Serie B. Now, I just need wait another two seasons for the general sponsor to expire and rake in more cash there. That was coded at the beginning of the save at just 10K per season expiring in 2030. That should take a big jump when we get a new general sponsor.


My first award winner. If my Italian translates right (which it probably doesn't), Mazzotta won the U19 Defender of the Year for Serie A. During the season, Mazzotta earned his first call-up to the U19 Italian national team.


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The national team can sing "WE'RE GOING UP!!!!"

Next UEFA Nations League, San Marino will be battling the likes of Northern Ireland, Israel, Hungary, and Russia in the Nations League Division C.


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2029 Youth Intake :djscripclub:

The impact players, right away, will be Macolini, Tomaconi, and Mina. Macolini and Mina came over as part of my agreement with the San Marino Academy while Tomaconi is an in-house talent.. Como, Rais, and Bonifaci are other players to watch.



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2028-29 Season Review

A 12th place league finish and a four point improvement over last season. Still leaking a lot of goals and allowing a lot of shots.

A whole of meh here. Nobody above a 7.0 average rating. The midfield is the weak link of the team. We've had no good midfielders come through our intakes. We've have some with potential but with shitty personalities so they never developed. Need to get some good ones in soon.

New stadium will be ready for the 2031-32 season. Good news is we don't need to take out a loan to build it.

Pouring even more money into the youth and training facilities to help improve player development. Still have a positive bank balance too.


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2030 Youth Intake

Another very solid but top heavy intake. I got Corbelli, Sosa, and Benti from my agreement with the San Marino Academy and, like last year, they came in as 17 or 18 year olds as opposed to the 15 or 16 year olds that the players which my own academy produces. The technical, mental, and physical numbers are me just adding up all their attributes in those categories. As you can see, the 17/18 year olds come in more developed than the 15/16 years. The only players that buck that mold are Ciacci and Bianchi. Ciacci and Benti have media descriptions of "promising [position]" so they will definitely be players to watch and promote quickly.

The youth intake also produced the Italian @Yankee151. @Travis7401 look at this guy's size!!!! I've never seen a youth intake produce a player so small. He will be lucky to make the U20 team if I even offer him a youth contract.

Berti is a fullback that we desperately needed. Our starting left-back, Gabriele Ceccoli, is having a good year but just doesn't have the quality to play in Serie A on a consistent basis. My coaches rate Ceccoli has a Serie C player with a Serie B ceiling. Berti will come in with much better ratings once my coaches have a chance to see him play.

Sosa, a central midfielder, is another player at a position that we desperately needed. Our center midfield lacks a lot of depth and quality. This season, I had to switch from my usual 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 to a 4-4-2 just to hide this lack of quality. Sosa now gives that freedom to potentially switchback to three central midfielders in future seasons.

In the winter transfer window, teams came in and activated my starting goalkeeper, Giacomo Ceccoli, minimum release fee. Ceccoli ultimately chose to go to Aston Villa (@worst2first). Corbelli is a much needed player at what became a position of need over the winter.

My coaches tell me that Benedettini has the most potential out of the players in this intake. I can see from the attributes that the potential is there. He needs some time to grow into his body and develop his technical skills a bit more. He could easily be a July 2030 call-up for the senior side.