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Dunk on anyone but SLENDERMAN 22-23


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Most teams have done that forever bruh

Marketing depts aren't stupid, they know people wanna see Lebron/Steph/etc lol


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You package a high demand game with 3 or 4 shit head games. Suckers like me will do it. I think it’s how I was able to see Jordan on the wizards at the Orlando magic. I also had to buy game against shit heads because I was low rent. In that part of ma’life. I gave away the shit head game tix as Christmas gifts.

these days though i just spring for a single game ticket in A Rod’s section.


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I always envision @Bmack as a sort of West Virginia version of DJ Khaled, just chilling and enjoying South Florida life, until:

'New Brevard County News microfiche just dropped..."

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Bron has become such a joke. What he's doing at his age is pretty incredible but he has become a completely insufferable brand-human with Mr Burns block out the sun energy


A-1 From Day 1

Holloway, allegedly frustrated by losing several games, was accused of throwing a one-handed pass at Morant during a check ball situation. The ball hit Morant in the left side of his face, Morant testified Monday.

"You testified that this basketball was a weapon, yes?" Morant was asked by Holloway's attorney, Rebecca Adelman, during the cross-examination part of his testimony.

"Yes," Morant replied.

"A lethal weapon?" she asked.

"It hurt," Morant said.

Morant testified that during the altercation, he asked Holloway, "What you on?" Then, Morant said, Holloway didn't reply but instead pulled up his shorts.

"Him pulling up his shorts, where I'm from, that's a fighting stance," Morant said.

Morant said Holloway took a step toward him and that he then stepped forward and punched Holloway.

"I hit him first -- to protect myself," Morant said.